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  1. Sports Chosun article: http://sports.chosun.com/news/utype.htm?id=201308200100158100012039&ServiceDate=20130819 Article translation by me. Kara will be presenting their group omnibus five-episode one-act dramas for the first time through the MV for their new comeback single “One of Two (Runaway)”. On the coming 21st, Kara will be making it public their single “One of Two (Runaway)” which will mark their comeback with a full studio album. And they will be making public the digital single and the MV for the song. Specially, it is drawing a lot of interest because there will be highlights from the Cine-Drama “Secret Love” which Kara collaborated with PD Kim, Gyu-Tae who directed the SBS drama “That winter, where the wind blows”. “Secret Love” is an omnibus project where they made one-act drama for each five members of Kara, which they’ve completed the filming and are working diligently in editing for broadcasting in the latter half of this year. However, they felt that the single “One of Two (Runaway)” made a very nice harmony with Kim PD’s beautiful unique images and decided to show approximately 2 minutes of certain highlights of the drama in the music video for the first time before the set broadcast company’s final edit version. Furthermore, because Kara is a top act that represents K-Pop artists and that each members are acting as the lead in each episode, there is much interest for the new MV for “One of Two (Runaway)” not only in Korea but also from Japan, Taiwan and other nations of Asia. The single “One of Two (Runaway)” is a song with a medium tempo and was written by a composer Shim, Eun-Ji and will showcase much improved vocal abilities and new charms of Kara. Kara will make public the new single “One of Two (Runaway)” on the 21st and will have a comeback showcase on September 2nd where they are planning to make public their title track “I can’t be a lady”. 카라가 발매를 앞둔 선공개곡 '둘 중에 하나(Runaway)'의 뮤직비디오를 통해 자신들의 '단막 드라마'를 최초 공개한다. 카라는 오는 21일, 정규 4집 앨범의 컴백 첫 신호탄인 선공개곡 '둘 중에 하나(Runaway)'를 발표, 음원과 뮤직비디오를 공개한다. 특히 이 곡의 뮤직비디오에는 SBS드라마 '그 겨울, 바람이 분다'의 김규태PD와 카라가 합작한 씨네 드라마 '시크릿 러브'의 하이라이트 영상이 최초 공개될 예정으로 더욱 기대를 모으고 있다. '시크릿 러브'는 카라 다섯 멤버 각자가 모두 주인공이 되어 5편의 단막극으로 제작되는 드라마로 최근 모든 촬영을 마치고 올 하반기 국내 방영을 목표로 편집작업에 한창인 상태. 하지만 카라의 선공개곡 '둘 중에 하나(Runaway)'가 김규태PD 특유의 아름다운 영상미와 적절한 조화를 이룬다고 판단, 방송사 공식 편성 전 약 2분 분량의 주요 영상을 뮤직비디오를 통해 최초 공개하기로 결정했다. 특히 한국을 대표하는 K팝 아티스트 카라가 각자 주연을 맡는 드라마인 만큼, 국내는 물론 일본, 대만 등 아시아 주요 국가에서도 이번 '둘 중에 하나(Runaway)' 뮤직비디오 공개에 큰 관심을 모으고 있다. 선공개곡 '둘 중에 하나(Runaway)'는 카라의 한층 향상된 보컬 실력과 새로운 매력을 만나볼 수 있는 미디움 템포의 곡으로, 작곡가 '심은지'가 참여했다. 한편 카라는 21일 선 공개 곡 '둘 중에 하나(Runaway)'를 발표하고, 오는 9월 2일 컴백 쇼케이스를 통해 타이틀곡 '숙녀가 못 돼'의 첫 공개에 나설 예정이다.
  2. I'm opening this discussion for us to have a guide to help KARA for this comeback: : 카라 : KARA : 숙녀가 못 돼 : Can't Be A Lady (Damaged Lady) : 둘 중에 하나 : Runaway First two are no brainers: #1 - Buy the album (!!!) If you plan to buy via YesAsia, please use Karaholic's link. It would also be nice if you refrain from sharing download links for the whole album. Check to see if the sales will add to Hanteo (YesAsia and GMarket does). That's quite important. Physical sales may not have a big bearing on the Music Shows, but it does earn more for KARA and DSP. #2 - Watch the MV on Youtube - create a playlist (F5, Replay, Youtuberepeaters DO NOT WORK). Refresh your browser cache after about 50 repeats. Clear/Remove from your YT Watch History. Also watch it thru iMBC and Gaon. If you have a blog, add this to the top. It will autoplay the video for every visitor. It might be annoying so don't hide it so that visitors can pause the vid. <iframe width="480" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/_vHw17-zFa4?autoplay=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> #3 - Vote! - I know, we're one of the laziest fandom in terms of voting. But if they lose because of the lack of votes, we have no one to blame but ourselves and we don't want that, do we? Let's make our votes count on the charts that matter. SMS Voting is counted per phone number, so it really doesn't cost much for that one SMS to M!Countdown (text "카라" to +82-2-2566) and one SMS to MuCore (text "KARA" to +82-2-0505) and one SMS to Inkigayo (text "카라" to +82-2-1245). #4 - Build the hype by searching on Search portals - by having them trend on Search portals, ordinary Koreans will be curious and might download the song adding to the Digital sales. It will also help if we unanimously search at certain times (i.e. after a music show performance, after a tv guesting, every 12noon lolz). Check the shoutbox for the term that's trending for the day/event. ~ Naver | Daum | Nate | Melon ~ If you want to be lazy, use this site and have it cycle for 301-400 secs (That's roughly every 5 mins, but it's nice to not set it too exact lest you be tagged as spam). #5 - Build the hype on SNS (Twitter, FB, me2day, IG) - use the tags #KARA #카라 #숙녀가못돼 Twitter: Do not use a tag after another (ie I like #KARA #숙녀가못돼) because it'll be considered a spam. Instead write words in between (ie I love #KARA and their latest song #숙녀가못돼 is the best). Gaon Social Chart: Sign up to Gaon and add points to KARA's Social Chart (tutorial and tips from another site). me2day: Make sure to click the me2 for all KARA official me2day post. Let it make it to the top stories. FB: Follow KARA's official FB page. Like their posts. FB now has hashtags, use it. But after this, what else can we do? Please add what you know we can do to help. (Unsure - if anyone can verify please do) Streaming Music Online (the 1 minute sample) every hour for Digital Streaming points - some say it adds to the digital streaming, some say it doesn't. It doesn't take much of your time, so it wouldn't hurt to do this. Clear cache before/after doing this for the hour. Bugs | Melon | Olleh Music | MNet | Soribada | Daum | Monkey3 Korean proxy sites: list 1 list 2 - some say to use a Korean proxy to make the streaming count. I've read somewhere that if you stream on Naver with a foreign IP, it'll be a deduction instead of adding to the points. This Streaming on Bugs using Facebook acct tutorial shows you need to change your IP. And if you do it this way, the streaming will definitely count. But it's 1 FB account for a 1-day pass, so use it wisely. I'd say use it for CBAL than Runaway. Notes on Ranking Systems KBS Music Bank[/indent] 65% - Digital sales 20% - Broadcast time (it does not include radio) 10% - Viewer’s choice 5% - Physical sales SBS Inkigayo Digital Sales - 60% SNS - 35% (Gaon Social Chart tips from another site) Pre-voting - 5% Live voting - 10% MBC Music Core 60% - Digital sales 10% - Physical sales 10% - Youtube views* 10% - Board of viewers' vote / Pre-voting 10% - SMS vote *Note on Youtube views: Only views on youtube via MBC official website will be counted 1. Go to http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/musiccore/musiclist/index.html 2. Find KARA. Click on the pink tv icon on the right and get the view counted. 1 view per IP Mnet MCountdown 50% - Digital sales 20% - Age preference 10% - Physical sales 10% - Live show preference on Mnet 5% - Global fan votes 5% - SMS voting (Only for top 3) MBC Show Champion 45% Digital sales (Melon) 10% Physical sales (Hanteo) 15% Broadcast Points 15% Ranking from professionals in music industry 15% Points on MBC music broadcast
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  5. Kara to Use Clips from ′Secret Love′ as MV for ′Runaway′ If you′ve been waiting all this time for Kara′s drama, you′ll be well rewarded if you check out the group′s next music video. On August 21, Kara will release the preview track Runaway from its fourth studio album along with a music video made of scenes from its upcoming short drama Secret Love. test This will be the first time highlights from the drama will be revealed to the public. Secret Love is a five-episode drama that stars each of the Kara members in each episode, and is currently in editing with an aim to air late this year. It is being directed by producer Kim Gyu Tae of SBS′ That Winter, the Wind Blows. Before the drama′s actual airing, however, staff decided that its beautiful scenery fit Runaway′s mood well, and agreed to release a two-minute clip as a music video for the song. The music video and drama are expected to draw much interest not only from Korea, but also Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries as Kara boasts great influence in those regions as a global K-Pop star. Runaway is a medium-tempo track written by composer Shim Eun Ji. Kara will release Runaway on August 21, then make an official comeback on September 2 with the rest of its album, its promotional single I Can′t Become a Lady and a showcase. Photo credit: DSP Media http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/43690
  6. The Seven Golden Rules of Karaholic Please help us make Karaholic a clean and friendly place. Play your part by following the general rules listed below, coupled with a dose of common sense. These rules are applicable throughout the whole forum. Failure to follow the rules may result in a warning/s or even a ban depending on the severity of your actions. 01. Basic Netiquette -General Behavior: The magic word, respect! We want to make Karaholic a friendly fan community, so learn to socialize and get along with the other members of the forum. We will not tolerate any bashing, be it towards Kara, members of Karaholic, or anyone in particular like other kpop groups and their fans. Learn to respect each individual. Any other hateful remarks or mean comments are also of course, forbidden. -Respect for Staff: The staff of Karaholic put in a lot of time and effort to bring to you all the lovely Kara goodies at Karaholic. So do not, in any way, show them any disrespect. Thank them when you have the opportunity, they work so hard without any incentive at all, except for the drive to spread the Kara love. >> The Karaholic Staff Team >> The Sweet Melodix Team 02. No posting of Pornographic Images / Sexually Explicit Material I'm sorry but there's no interest for that here >_< 03. Don't Spam -Don't double post: We don't need to see your post twice. -Don't copy and paste the same replies: We hate template replies. -Please make your posts count: We want to make Karaholic a conducive community for discussions regarding Kara. Your 2-3 words post isn't helping. We don't have a minimum word requirement for each post. All we ask is that you make the little effort to write thoughtful replies that are relevant to the topic. 04. Don't Quote Images We don't need to see the same image twice. Instead, link the image in your quote. 05. Follow Individual Forum Rules This set of forum rules apply to the whole of Karaholic. However, each individual forum has its own set of forum rules. Follow them to stay out of trouble with the Mods. 06. Post in English We are an International fan community operating in English. Post in English only. If you decide to post in Korean, include an English translation along with it. 07. Credit Karaholic.com when redistributing material Translators work their butts off to translate stuff for Karaholic. If you decide to take their hard work out of the forum to share elsewhere, please do not edit their work, and credit them fully. Do not remove the credit line, that would be unethical and extremely unfair to the translators. Bonus. Support Sweet Melodix Please show your support to Sweet Melodix, Karaholic's very own subbing team. Subscribe to us and rate our videos! >> Sweet Melodix Main Channel >> Sweet Melodix Previous Main Channel >> Sweet Melodix Backup Channel Avatar and Signature Rules Avatar - Hosted on KH: Maximum dimensions of 100 x 100px at most 50KB - Hosted on external server: Reasonably sized GIFs allowed Signature - Maximum dimensions of 300 x 150px - No more than 2 banners / images altogether - Maximum of 6 lines only, text and images together - For more than 1 line of text, no size increment please SHOUTBOX RULES CLICK HERE
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  7. Okay, so i just found a nice article from seoulbeats.com and i choosed to share it here so we could discuss it together and share what we know... the article is quite long so bear with it Exploring Freelance Hit-makers: Sweetune Written by Fatouma On November 9, 2012 seoulbeats.com/2012/11/exploring-freelance-hit-makers-sweetune/ just in case if you want to read it here...
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  8. How to be KARA News hunter? Follow my Steps All LOGO Clickable Tag to News "KARA" ALL my Onehallyu KARA Threads "only kara topic" News Tips Thread Give Tips to KARAHOLIC for Korean or English Article KOREAN ARTICLE SEARCH Note: before following my method to KARA news in korean article check in KARABOARD first if they posted already so its much more easier just click the IMAGE its already direct link to KARABOARD NEWS SECTION NEWSEN NATE NAVER Khan Daum Sports Chosun Enews24 Etoday TVdaily FashionMK Review Star TV report Paste at Search Box: 카라 MBN Paste at Search Box: 카라 Note: All Clickable Images "Direct Link" ENGLISH ARTICLE SEARCH Karaholic Newsbox dkpopnews Allkpop Soompi Mwave Ohkpop Kdramastars Hancinema Hancinema 2
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  12. ^^ wait does that mean sweet tune is producing the title track??
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  13. I can't believe Yamapi sold more than Kara? That song is just....
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  14. shared by steprider Random: Seen elsewhere. Ranking for Japanese single releases for the month of July. Source unverified. Big gaps between 1st to 5th, and 6th positions onwards. 1. 623978 美しい稲妻 AVT 13/7/17 SKE48 2. 392860 ガールズルール SR 13/7/3 乃木坂46 3. 282793 Burning Up RZN 13/7/10 Exile Tribe (三代目 J Soul Brothers vs GENERATIONS) 4. 182379 自由への进撃(红莲の弓矢/自由の翼/もしこの壁の中が一轩の家だとしたら) PC 13/7/10 Linked Horizon 5. 157951 Exile Pride ~こんな世界を爱するため~ RZN 13/4/3 EXILE 6. 98580 Summer Nude '13 WMJ 13/7/31 山下智久 7. 78643 ラッパ练习中 SR 13/7/10 渡辺麻友 8. 77757 潮騒のメモリー V 13/7/31 天野春子(小泉今日子) 9. 72609 サンキュー サマーラブ UM 13/7/24 KARA 10. 67184 One Song from Two Hearts /ダイヤモンド WMJ 13/7/24 コブクロ 17 42169 Lady WMJ 13/7/31 CNBLUE 19 30570 I Love You YGX 13/7/31 D-LITE (from BIGBANG) feat. 叶加瀬太郎 25 25339 シアワセオリー WMJ 13/7/24 F T ISLAND 42 15608 TAEGET UM 13/7/10 T-ARA
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  18. KITSCH KITCHEN the Dutch goods label 399 yen http://item.rakuten.co.jp/slowworks/2013053120/ karaboard
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  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=T03sXrye16E http://www.girl-u.net/ Credit Uploader
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  22. Runway OST for Secret Love!! Does that mean running away from the past or from their partners!?? That's a good question to ask!
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  23. With the power of 60 cents I believe you can Download through iTunes (does that count in digital sales?) Thanks for the info, will look forward into this ^^
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  24. LOL I also thought of Orion!!! I really hope it's ballad (Cause I just looooovvvveee it!!! <3) And it shall be like teasers for what's to come for the dramas too^^
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  25. Far as I know, it's the title for the album and the name for the title track.
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  27. Jiyoung Instagram: #숙녀가못돼 http://instagram.com/p/dK7b09ELAn/ For Secret Love Drama too Kkangji Instragram. http://instagram.com/p/dLBhGIkLLy/# "That's great. // Amazing" すごいでしょ
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  30. 숙녀가 못 돼 <----- is that hangul for their comback title "can't be a lady"?
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  33. Total hotness! High quality pictures from Studio-G: http://studio-g.tistory.com/176
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  35. someone should post a tutorial for this ! thanks mai for posting here's a example , maybe we can create our own tutorial http://www.bapyessirfansite.com/2013/08/tutorial-how-to-support-bap-with-bad-man.html
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  40. [sCAN] KARA Solo Collection Limited Edition:Photobook - this one that what you meant?
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  41. I already liked that page lol. . .I'll wait your post on that facebook page
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  42. can you pm me your fp link? Maybe i already liked it thanks in advance
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