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  1. ^ i think the first tweet was something about meeting her school friends after how many years, and it kinda feels awkward. the second one.. i really don't understand. i think it's a continuation of the 1st tweet... about reminiscing something? LOL my translator is baddd xD btw, she looks gorgeous in that selcaaa!
  2. new tweet! according to my translator, it's something about being unfair? :/ according to google, it's embarrassment? why would she feel that way? i'll just wait for accurate translations XD
  3. whoops. i posted something wrong here. /edited! anyway, thanks for sharing these facts about nicole~
  4. Will this soften your heart? http://www.allkpop.com/2010/04/nicole-meet...-bell-colleague I just think it's sweet, and Nicole's the friendliest idol everrrr.
  5. ^ There are other idols from America that aren't really close to fans. Nicole's just a natural friendly person. Lol. <3
  6. On youtube, I see lots of Gyuri, Hara, and Seungyeon haters I wasn't a hater. I've always been a fan. I'll support KARA to the end~! But seeing how the haters misunderstand the girls make me sad. That's why I always defend them on youtube XD For Gyuri haters: They must watch that SGB clip where Gahee said something about our Gyul's real personality. And the old kara4 vids. For Hara haters: Watch Invincible Youth! For Seungyeon haters: Watch the teacher is coming. I almost cried because of that. For Jiyoung haters: LOL i can't think of anything, but probably the clip where she teases Gyul to take the toilet pose at kara bakery XD that was super funny For Nicole haters(are there?): watch her SGB clips! i saw someone who used to hate nicole before because she thought her cuteness was all an act XD but now she's a nicole fan after watching SGB!
  7. weeek! XD i love that song, and also the mv! they were so cute there. and i love NiKey too! woot!

  8. lol i knew it you're filipino! lol and i love NEWS too <3 they're my favorite jpop group. PI <3

  9. Nicole looks so cute with her grandma! Their smiles are both heartwarming (:
  10. Lupin and Break it because of the fierceness <3
  11. I can really imagine her going solo in the future. She reminds me of a little Hyori, who can sing and dance better.
  12. thanks for the greeting! are you filipino? (your username) :D

  13. 1. Jinwoon --> I really think they should go out/they are going out. They seem to care about each other a lot. 2. Key --> Although I think they're just best friends, I really think they would look cute together <3 I mean just seeing the Juliette fancam makes you all giggly and stuff lol. They're so cute. 3. Hongki --> LOL I remember the SGB ep where Jaedong said "you can't date on a tv show!" something like that. I instantly love them. They looked close to me. 4. Minhwan --> Idol army <3 5. Jay --> coz they're both so hot. ((: Plus, there was a cut on SGB with jay & nicole(level with me), jay looked so mesmerized at the first few seconds of the video. lol 6. Hyunjoong --> I just think they're cute lol. 4D couple! XD 7. Kyuhyun --> the radio show! it was maybee[?], i think? But they were sooo cute in there! 8. Joon --> I have yet to see interactions between them, but they would just be hella sexy AND cute. And they're both so weird! LOL.
  14. thank you SSJBen for the translation! lol i love how almost all of Nicole's tweets are about food. XD
  15. New tweet from Nicole! ^ i think she's talking about food again, 'cause she's saying "it's delicious" XD
  16. HaNi!!! It's nice to see Hara supporting Nicole
  17. ^ Lol I could just imagine Nicole's reaction to Jinwoon's "confession". XD and lol at Simon. I was laughing so much when I saw his tweets. He's such a fanboy. Thanks for sharing!
  18. from Gyuri to Nicole: Thank you Nicole-ah... ^^ I love you!! ^ the only thing i understood there was there was something weird/strange. hahaha
  19. LOL I can just imagine her with ShinYoung! That would be epic!
  20. Lol, we almost have the same story, MiSS.GiRlli3. XD I also watched their special stage with Hyori, but the difference was I liked them instantly. I was like, "Whoa that Sunghee girl is talented". Lol. So I started liking Sunghee and KARA <3
  21. Even though this show's no longer airing, I still love it to bits. XMAN. I could just imagine Gyuri winning in Dangyunhaji all the time. She could even beat Lee Jin and Eunhye, lol.
  22. Nicole's new reply to Hara!
  23. On Intimate Note, the MCs asked Gyul what she would like to do 10 years from now, and they asked if she wanted to get married by then. i was lol-ing so much when she said that.
  24. LOL it was SUPER FUNNY! i loved it when KJK caught Nicole getting some food. hahaha. And she seems pretty close with Hyori
  25. I love how her eyes are shaped like arcs when she smiles.