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  1. With Lainbow Wuuri lel nice contrast black and white Youngi looks like a rebel : )
  2. They will go back to their roots as a R&B artist, we will see break it 2.0 called Nailed It
  3. Oh me likes the second cover bettah ! Thanks for sharing : )
  4. Thanks for sharing I cant wait till KBS world subs these episodes yarg
  5. woah both in Korea and Japan..... I have mixed feelings but its mmkay
  6. LOL everyone is spotting the same hair color ~ Fab just fab haha
  7. Uh oh think DSP is planing to do somehting with China, everyone from Rainbow to Kara is opening up a weibo lol BUT anyways welcome to instagram Youngji
  8. 2007 - 2015 its been a long journey, 8 years to be exact!! So Id like to say Happy Anniversary Kara!!
  9. Ohh another seasonal release? Gah I need money!! but with the memember editions this is gonna be $$$$
  10. WOOOOO in a long time we get to see Jiyoung, isnt that cool well Im glad for her : )
  11. She kinda awkward in the camera and she seems a bit too shy witht the members... though with time she gonna change.. since in Baby Kara she was always a mystery too
  12. This is off topic but the last song is by Rainbow anyways thanks for providing some of the actual Mp3 now ^__^
  13. Yeah, her character was not the typical, innocent hard working girl. She was sassy in another level lol... she even cursed in American XD but yeah im so glad she spoke in English at some parts. Like when KWangsoo told her not to speak in english that was too funny
  14. Oh I would buy an autobiography of Gyuri! its touching the cover of it would be Kara ;-; anyways thanks for the translation as always the goddess image shal prevail!
  15. Same Here! There is one song in Nicole's drama that doesnt sound like Kara sang it! Anyways I do hope we get a OST soon Hara's episode was rather cute though I just didnt like the ending cause she didnt get to see him at sunrise and instead left back home >< as for Seungyeon I didnt watch the whole thing cause it bored me >< Nicole episode was rather touching quiet fiesty, but the episode about finding and loving her dad hit me in the heart ><
  16. A nice DVD box thats awesome ^__^ thanks for the info, i hope english subs are included
  17. Awesome! I was wondering what the tittle will be... but any new Kara songs is welcome. Also Curios if DSP will release the OST thank you very much!
  18. Good glorious gyul Kara! The black queen concepts are very fitting <3 any how the Seven tracks are not bad either^^ Its much better track listing than step hehe
  19. With the power of 60 cents I believe you can Download through iTunes (does that count in digital sales?) Thanks for the info, will look forward into this ^^
  20. This was meant for kids? lol judging from the MV Still a nice cover? lollll
  21. Looking forward to this 4th album ^^ I hope that there are at least more tracks than the 3rd album (Step had intro + Outro and some remake tracks. So really felt like a mini) 13 tracks like Rainbow Syndrome this year Like what a lot of Kamilias saying something like KARA4's Album... Not expecting vocally but something withing their range ^^ -Edited for Secret Love- So will Runaway be a ballad like track?
  22. A Gossip girl & a Pretty girl