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  1. When there's more exposure, there's more hate. Some people start to say that she's acting cute that it starts to annoy them (from IY2 soompi thread) Let's just think it in a good way that she still got the most screentime than other girls. The fans of other girl groups are being jealous because their bias don't have enough screentime like Jing. But the reason why the PDs love Jing and gave her more screentime is because she's entertaining to watch. If other G8 members have entertaining scenes, they will also get the screentime... sigh Fans are so annoying at times.
  2. Social

    Plus she also said "Hungry" below that picture, hahahaha~ she must be super hungry to take that kind of picture!
  3. So cute, i immediately recognize her voice. It's such a stand-out voice, super cute just like herself. hahaha Another evidence that kara's relationship is still good!!! Love Gyuljing line~
  4. OMG at the ending of that wedding, they have to show their butt, hahaha It look like a fun wedding. Cute..... I love that they show the PV. KARA is really gaining popularity in Japan.
  5. Ep 4 streaming is out. Jiyoung in uniform is daebak!! She look like a japanese student, totally cute!! Jiyoung's popularity in Mixi japan now is 2nd, surpassed Nicole's. I think the japanese love her, she's so cute and she'll gain even more popularity after this episode. I can't wait to see for the ratings.
  6. I feel like after the controversy, they've gained a stronger fanbase because the fans cherish KARA even more just like me but also at the same time, some haters come up and say they're seeking for attention *rolls eyes to haters* but anyways, i'm happy they're together. If not my ultimate KPOP bias is totally gone and i can't see my Jiyoung anymore. J-kamilias SUGOI!!
  7. 5 weeks only? How come i feel like it's been there for almost 2 months since the release? Since it was released on 11/24 and till now, i still see it on the top 5 chart. That's like SUPER amazing because they're still higher than most other big stars' albums despite those huge stars released their album much later. It shows how Japan love our girls. KARA is really cute and i think they fit right in Japan. But i still hope to see them in Korea.
  8. I still think that she'll never be able to shed her cute image completely. She may look mature in terms of styling, makeup, clothings but once she starts talking, her natural aegyo ooshes out again. Haha,and when she laughs and talk, it's cute. For some reason, i always think that her voice is so sweet and cute especially when she talks japanese, she sound like some kind of anime character. She's naturally cute and there's nothing wrong with that cause she's not acting it out. I still love her cute image but i also love her mature image but for me, she's forever the cute maknae of kara.
  9. I totally love all the 4 cute expressions made by Jing, why are you so cute? Totally the cutest maknae!!
  10. I'm super happy for them. I think they'll do great in Japan and WOW performing with AKB48, Chemistry etc... those are big names in Japan. They're really going on full power for their promotions in Japan...
  11. WOW!! that's pretty amazing for a girl to be interested in farming.. i mean seriously how in the hell a city girl in the right mind would like that? She's amazing.. and she looks so small compared to the tractor, haha.. strong hara!
  12. LOL at the music... so dramatic. so cute~~
  13. Yes, maybe sometimes people who don't know Gyuri may find her annoying to keep saying that but i actually like it, it's a sense of humor. She reminds me of the host of "Kang Xi Lai Le", a taiwanese variety show, their comments are always witty. I don't think she's being arrogant or something, she's just being confident and i love this trait of her. Honestly, i started liking her more and more because of this trait of her.. she's so witty and funny~
  14. That's true, i don't think anyone that is in that position wouldn't show her/his fats.. seriously... unless it's a skeleton.