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  1. i love food too.. she must have a high metabolism! (like me) i am so skinny yet i eat like a rhino!~ lol!
  2. omg! she is SO strong.. when i first saw her i was she looks like a girl who can get blown away by the wind (like me ...) BUT she proved me wrong.. she is so strong.!
  3. FAQ

    totally.. wow.. so pretty.. i really like them.. thank you so much for sharing~
  4. woot! woot! lol hara looked really shocked and she cried alot.. thanks for sharing!
  5. oh you know soshified??

  6. [08.17.09] SNSD's Seohyun - Kara's Nicole, Warm Friendship a Hot Topic Photo credit: TV Daily SNSD's Seohyun and Kara's Nicole have displayed their warm friendship, causing it to become a hot topic amongst fans. Seohyun is a member of SNSD, the nation’s most popular girl group, and Nicole is a member of Kara. The strong friendship between them has been captured in pictures which have been revealed online, and they are causing quite a stir among netizens. These two groups are the nation's representative girl groups, so they could have been competing rivals, but they instead share a warm friendship with each other that is beautiful to see. After both participating in a program, the older members of both groups introduced them to each other, and they became friendly with each other. Both girls are 19 years old and they think alike, so they became friends very fast. They have revealed that they are now so close that they eat together. Fans have supported their friendship, saying, "They look good together." Others have said, "The friendship makes me feel warm inside." People are interested in what other things might result from the amiable competition between these two girl groups in the future. SNSD have concluded their mini album promotions and are taking a break. Kara recently released their second album and they are enjoying explosive popularity. The title song "Wanna" and "Mister", which is a hot topic due to its rear-shaking choreography, are double hits. Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20090817n09408 Reporter: Choi Joonki Translation: jreddevil07@soshified.com/forums
  7. i am gyuri??? um.. wow.. never expected that .. lol thanks for sharing!
  8. omg!!! wow.. is that really a ghost.. that is scary.. that ghost has been haunting kara for a long time..
  9. maybe because she was preparing for the comeback.. and she was practicing and everything.. so yeah.. and when you practice of course you get skinny cuz you are doing something active.. so yeah..
  10. [07.29.09] 'Girl Group, What Color Are You?' - Sexy, Pure, Unconventional - 3 Colors of Charms 'Woman World.' It is currently the peak generation of girl groups in the music industry. Amidst the steady stream of comebacks from established girl groups, new girl groups are joining in and a silent war is taking place. The personality that each group is pursuing is as clear as the intensity of the competition between them. The various girl groups can be grouped into three general colors. First, SNSD and Brown Eyed Girls (forthwith referred to as B.E.G.) are displaying a mature image while emphasizing sexiness. On the other hand, Kara and T-ara are displaying a mature image through a cute and pure feeling. 2NE1 and 4minute are emitting unconventionality through their powerful stage manners. We take a look at the 3 colors of charms the six girl groups have with regard to their music, choreography, and clothing. Kara, T-ara: 'Purity Through Cuteness and Innocence' When thinking of girl groups, the first image that pops up is purity. They use cuteness and calmness to emphasize their girlishness. This concept is used often because it is the universal image and the expectation of the general public concerning girl groups. This includes Kara and T-ara, who have activities for the second half of the year ahead of them. Kara's lively and lighthearted song 'Wanna' shows the group's inborn bubbly charm. The speed of the song is lively and electronic sounds embellish the vocals, while the repeated phrase is cute and strong. T-ara is entering the music industry with 'Lie,' which is a medium tempo song that emphasizes powerful vocals and emits femininity through its calm rhythm. The choreographies are characteristically calm and cute. Kara's teaser showed dancing with lots of finger movements. The action of gathering their arms in front of them and moving their hands is lively. T-ara portrays a girlish and clear image using choreography where there is not much movement except moving their hands and legs in both directions. Both groups' pure charm is best expressed by the styles of their outfits. Kara shows their characteristic lively, cute, and bright image by wearing candy-colored T-shirts along with dresses and jeans. T-ara members collectively wear either all white or black and white clothing to portray a tidy and soft image. The clothes exude a lively, pure, and innocent feeling. An employee of Kara's management company stated, "The existing image of Kara is cute. We tried to show a more mature feeling this time around with the music and the visuals. However, we did not toss the characteristic cute feeling of girl groups. This was used as a foundation so that fans can still see the characteristic color of Kara." -------------------------------- When
  11. sorry carrot.. but i like jessica better with that hat.. she looks cuter..
  12. i thought yoona would win since they are still doing their activities right now.. and KARA is away and preparing for their come back.. but oh well! i am happy for HARA! yay.. i love her.. taeyeon is voted second! woot! woot!
  13. aw.. why cant she just come back into KARA.. that would be awesome! is she still a traniee.. ??
  14. wow.. that is soo nice.. omg! i really like tweety.. you can see hara wearing the tweety shirt.. omg! lol.. i see an error.. they put two pics of jiyoung .. lol..