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  1. DVD

    I've been with these girls since 2008, I'm not going to stop being a fan of them because their popularity in Japan is supposedly declining. It's a fact the sales are going down and if that is happening and this is a thread to discuss sales and everything related to this release, then it should be okay for me to discuss this topic.
  2. DVD

    The fans have the right to be worried though. Their last single was their second worst selling single ever. Their DVD sales are underwhelming imo. Not to mention, GP isn't even doing well on the digital charts, the ringtone was released this week and it's barely hanging in the top 10 wtf, this is definitely a first for KARA. I know their last album's sales are great but I'm still concerned, things are not looking good.
  3. Album

    I'm a bit disappointed with this week's sales, ngl. I was sure they would sell 100k+ but then again, they didn't promote much this week.
  4. Album

    Recochoku Full song daily chart - 17 ウィンターマジック KARA 34 STEP KARA 51 ミスター KARA 65 ジェットコースターラブ KARA 66 Do It! Do It! KARA 76 GO GO サマー! KARA 92 ジャンピン KARA 97 Lupin KARA 8 songs in the top 100
  5. Album

    it's just a random album track i don't remember any of the girl's talk tracks (besides Mr. and Jumping) doing well on the recochoku charts tbh
  6. Single

    From the PV preview: source: sysbittersweet@tumblr
  7. Single

    yay finally, are we getting some previews first?
  8. Single

    So, Winter Magic isn't doing well on the Chaku-Uta charts, it's already out of the top 10 in its 2nd week (behind older songs) and it debuted at #2 last week. They need to start releasing some PV previews or smth
  9. Spazz

    Today's daily Chaku-uta chart - 1. 風は吹いている AKB48 (初登場) 2. Miss You A.N.JELL(美男/廉/柊/勇気) (初登場) 3. promise A.N.JELL(美男/廉/柊/勇気) (初登場) 4. 永遠はただの一秒から JAY'ED×JUJU (初登場) 5. 365日のラブストーリー。 ソナーポケット (前回:1) レコチョク「着うた®」ランキング(6~25位) [順位] [前回] [楽曲名] [アーティスト名] 6 - alone A.N.JELL(美男/廉/柊/勇気) 7 - ふたり A.N.JELL(美男/廉/柊/勇気) 8 - 翔 ゆず 9 rank up 21 ステキな日曜日~Gyu Gyu グッデイ!~ 芦田愛菜 10 2 Rising Sun EXILE 11 - 言葉にできないほど好きなのに feat.Mai.K NERDHEAD 12 4 Bo Peep Bo Peep (Japanese Ver.) T-ARA 13 3 ウィンターマジック KARA new releases, but that doesn't change the fact that Winter Magic is bellow Rising Sun and Bo Peep which are like 4 weeks old. I'm actually kind of worried this single won't do well digitally.
  10. Spazz

    ia with this, Winter Magic is already down to #3 on Recochoku Chaku-Uta charts(behind Sonar Pocket and EXILE), while STEP stayed at #1 for the entire week. I'm kind of worried. I know it's too early to predict but I thought they had the #1 in the bag for this week tbh. the song is nice but it doesn't sound like a hit, but w/e they need to start promoting.
  11. Single

    ^ NMB48. Well, this won't be a #1 single for them, but sales > ranking anyway.
  12. Single

    omg I love it now. I'm happy it's not a ballad tbh
  13. Single

    Ballads do pretty well in Japan, don't worry guys. Especially seasonal ballads.
  14. Album

    A Vegas concept would be so awesome omg, but I don't wanna get too excited for that. Whatever they come up with, I'm sure I'm gonna love it.
  15. Single

    I really don't know what to expect at this point, around 170k in the first week maybe.