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  1. I miss her so much, I’m sad I wasn’t as vocal about my support. Ive been hoping I’d see her one day but it might not be anytime soon! She was so bright, and passionate in her work! She achieved so much, I just hope that people can keep her alive in their memories and not let others suffer what she has been through! She never let her struggles stop her from being a wonderful person...thinking about all the wonderful lives she has touched and brought light into their world. I just wish we could’ve been there for her...like she has been for me and my hardest times. Kara was my childhood and I still love all of them and will continue to support, I hope everyone will be able to continue and find strength in themselves. I hope that you’re finally at peace...
  2. Album

    The girls looked stunning in the comeback and when they performed their voices were really nice to hear! Wow it's really nice to see the view count being high~ The album looks beautiful the packaging and all looked stunning! Woot woot loving the physical rankings right now :3
  3. Album

    I just want to give an applause for all the teasers so far, all of the tidbits truly are teasers for the fans. The song sounds really really promising...the beginning part, that was a nice beat and Hammie getting that high note!!
  4. Album

    I definitely think that what dsp is trying to do is show off the other songs. Looking at the YouTube comments I see a lot of people not all liking the one song but each song seems to be gaining a fair share of attention. Yup dsp totally wants to keep 'Damaged Lady' to be like a totally mystery to the audience, huhu they really are being cruel with all the teasers...it shouldn't be a laughing matter. I feel like it might be a combination of 'Lupin' and 'Pandora' ~~ :3 -- I can't wait for them to perform 'Runaway' ~~~!
  5. Album

    I felt the snippet for 'Damaged Lady' was short so I won't really judge the song just yet...ah I'm really loving the tidbit of the song! Through this medley all I can say is I'm in love~!! The songs all sound beautiful, definitely an album to get hands on:3 Just wanted to say I'm really into track six 'Smoothie' ~
  6. Album

    ^ Thanks for keeping this thread updated I'm really interested in this comeback, they're trying new promotion tactics which is really good to hype up for the title track. Shim Eunji seems to have worked with many jyp artists and most of her work is promising. I really can't wait for the pre-release. I also wonder how the title track sounds~
  7. Her haircut gives younger vibe. It suits her! I'm curious on what they are doing in Jeju? I'm glad she is (and the members are) getting lots of free time ^o^
  8. I love Gyuri, because she looks like a strong-willed and a committed person to succeed in what she does. Her wit and that confidence she has. But mostly how she feels like the mother in KARA, how she has that need to protect the members is lovely. I think that makes her a goddess~!! That's why I love her ^^
  9. They were looking up at a screen from the pre-recording, so during the live show they danced for the fans that couldn't see the performance live from the other day. ^^ Nicole was such a dork dancing in the beginning of the fancam~ I love how she can change on stage and off. I loved her in the performance, she nailed it~!!
  10. She was amazing today! Even though she didn't have much lines in the performance she seemed to have enough portions to shine...or maybe my eyes just go towards her...but I think it was nicely divided in the performance today! About the tattoo, I think it's a temporary tattoo. I really liked her hair today! Also during the mini interview she was cute and all smiley.
  11. Those pictures of Hara are amazing and...like beautiful, I love the red dress picture and the last one too!! She's a cutie in the Lacoste coverage video ^^
  12. Spazz

    Yup she was perfect! Her performance was a masterpiece, and her stares were so alluring. I was in heaven watching her! Plus her outfit was really pretty... ~@.@~ Dazed!!! I hope more people notice how great Seungyeon's voice is.
  13. Album

    I really liked the song in the first listen. For me the song didn't dissapoint me, I felt that sweetune gave KARA a really nice worthy song and was amazingly composed. From the beginning to end! I felt that the music video was really put well together, and maybe I did want a little more of a story line. And for an odd reason I felt like Sweetune wanted to link Infinite and KARA together...I would have like to see sungjong opening the box...anyways the music video was nice!! I actually feel that they matured to a more fierce style but I did feel that feminie feel as well, especially because Gyuri, Seungyeon and Jiyoung captured more of the feminie essence. On the other hand, Hara and Nicole captured the fierce feel. I guess the teaser did give accurate feel to what each member would be portraying in the music video. I LOVED the dance!! I liked that hand move and the showing back part!!! ^///^ I loved that the song was a bit fast paced, it was something that made me attracted to song when I heard Jiyoung first I was like hands down amazing, then when I heard HaNiJing rap I was like mindblown they definitely stepped it up with that rap! Then right after it was Gyul and Hammie's part I was like "yup this is it, need that high note and it will be complete to my ears!" that's when I hear Ham I was so happy that I almost missed Gyuri's ad-lib! It finished, and I was in heaven! I liked the album I did think there would be more ballads but it was more of the cutesy but I like that too on KARA. I'm glad to have pre-ordered the album!! The showcase was amazing, can't wait for their comeback stages!! Thanks for the eng sub!
  14. Album

    Wahh~ the girls looks so mature and classy. I feel like there might be more ballads in this mini from looking at the photo. Really all of them look stunning in the photo. Also the way KARA is written in the photo gives a mysterious concept, dark evil feel. I can't wait for the release!
  15. Aww poor Hammie. I hope that she takes a good rest and not haste back into her schedules. I hope she recovers and can meet her fans to the best health!
  16. I feel proud for them, it's been such a long time since debut they really worked hard for this day. Watching the fancams, it looked like the two older ones cried again keke but Hara shed many tears as well, but surely all of them had teared up a bit. Also nice to see many of their friends come support them. Hope that their KARASIA tour will be a success!
  17. I'm glad to hear that she finally took time to treat her vocal cord, and that it went successful! Hope she's getting the rest she needs, wishing that this year her health will be better comapared to last year/beginning of this year. I would love to hear her voice once her vocal cord has been well rested from the whole treatment. ^^
  18. Longer Version of Nicole's Solo Cr:koei0707
  19. I like that Jing thinks positive and at her age when she debuted, and till now she must have read lots of hurtful comments. It's nice to see that she's turned negative comments to such positive thoughts, shes grown up well. I just hope no comments get stuck in her head. She's graduating isn't she in Febuary? Uwahh~ I hope she goes to her garduation ceromony, it's only once in a life time to celebrate your high school graduation. Also her Unionbaby photos came out nice well, and her skin looks flawless in the natural republic photos. Goddess in training~ ^^
  20. The performance was great but it seemed like the mic wasn't great to capture their voices very well. I did hear them it they sang good, they did a lively performance. Also Jing's (pout?) @ 2:26 was cute, unknowingly captured. ^^ Thanks for sharing.
  21. 5 awards! That's awesome, and it's great that they are getting much love in Japan! I hope they rise higher this year ^^ Thanks for sharing.
  22. Happy all their hard work is being payed off! A Dream Concert for the girls. Also Kamilia's finally having a concert to cheer on the girls happily! Thanks for sharing this ^^
  23. I'm excited to see a lot of KARA in 2012! I happy that they stayed together and stronger than ever. Though at the same time I hope they stay healthy and don't get exhausted with the full on schedules. Thanks for sharing ^^
  24. AHA that was so cute, Jiyoung shy/embarrassed smile! Hara was so calm, I was smiling as well watching this.
  25. The intro was amazing! They did a spectacular performance today, the outfits were nice! MC Gyuri and Hara did a great job their dresses were nice as well! ^^ thanks for sharing!