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  1. ^ I know what you mean by that. It's pretty funny to see Hara wearing that. I wonder if she knows what the shirt mean or who Austin is. Any ways, episode 9 of UraKara was great. Hara's acting skills are nice. Wish I could spazz more bout it, but dont wanna ruin anything for those who havent seen it subbed yet. However, I will say this, I was about to tear up during the episode.
  2. Watched the kings of idols very late last night and it was worth it. Hara is so cute and witty that it even surprised me, even tho it shouldn't. Kind of disappointed that Kara didn't win queen, but Seungri did win king. And when he gave his speech, Hara teased him bout how he's not retiring. Just so great to see them together again and interacting. Well here are my favorite moments in UraKARA episode 2 of Hara. Hope you like it. First time posting pics.
  3. This is awesome!! Jumping with the full band is good, Mister is a bit short tho and wasn't as great as the original, but still good. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing
  4. I know its a bit late, but when Hara rejected Chansung, it was kinda cute. Then Seungri gave him a tap on the shoulder. But still, Hara looked amazing in that dress. Well on to another topic about Hara, I know I'm a bit late here too, but I watched Hara's UraKARA episode a while back and forgot to spazz bout it. But she is such a doll. Her episode was great. Didn't think her acting while acting (if that makes any sense at all) was the best and maybe looked a little weird as a cat, but when she was staring into the tv to give the japanese golfer support. Wow was all that came to mind. Got some great pics too, I'll upload them if I have some time.
  5. ^ I totally agree with you about the short part. I think girls who are around Seungyoen's, Taeyeon's, and Sunny's height are attractive. So after I read your post I just remembered that that is one of the things I love about Seungyeon, her height, she might not like being short, but I think she is just perfect being that tall.
  6. Nicole on Urakara was great. I love to see that kind of personilty, it cute, refreshing, and I just cant help but smile. And it sure can turn a frown upside down. I also wish I have that kind of charisma to just walk up to an attractive person, dance a bit, talk, and get their number all in about 30 seconds. Dont know what kind of man can resist that kind of charm. Nicole's episode should be nice.
  7. I love everything about our Hamster. But her eyes are what first drawn me to her. She has one of the most beautiful eyes ever, smiling or not. Personally tho, I like the "stare" that just comes out when she isnt smiling. Its really cute.
  8. I have been realizing that a lot myself too. Im not really a big fan of After School, but I am a fan of Running Man. And sometimes when Lizzy do things, it seems like its Seungyeon doing it cause of their similarities. Both of them are sure cute tho
  9. Hara was so gorgeous on the first episode of Urakara. She is too darn cute too. @red4summer Thanks for clearing up the confusion I had, and thanks for the awesome pics you shared with us. I havent seen Hara smile like that in a long time
  10. Spazz

    I really loved Seungyeon in episode one. They made her seem like the leader of the group. And the part when they found the robot manager in the dark, they made her go first. That part was epic. Cant wait til hers airs and get subbed!!!
  11. So far I like this show. Even if I only watched the first episode. I fell in love with all the girls in episode one. Thought it was kinda corny how a robot appeared out of nowhere. I have always loved Hara, but I think Seungyeon was the best in this one. And one thing that was bothering me the whole time, was that actor Korean or Japanese?
  12. ^ oh, okay. that makes total since. so now all members of kara are living with family except hara. okay. and i really do wish that we, as fans, could help her in some way. hara deserves to know how much us fans support her. it kind of scares me to know that hara is going to be living alone now. well. hope she gets a good deal on a house.
  13. i agree with everyone. i really hope hara does well and stay safe while living alone. anyone knows exactly why she deciding to move out?
  14. thanks for the important info translation. ive been really worried the last 3 days. ( been busy with work that i couldnt keep up with the girls) i really hope that the relationship between the girls and the heal and get better. everything happens for a reason. lets just hope this outcome is a good one.