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  1. It used to be Mister but nowadays it's Lupin!
  2. Wow! They did it! I'm so proud of them! This was the breakthrough i was hoping for for the past 2 weeks. Now that they've conquered MuBank, I think they'll have better chance of topping Inkigayo too. I hope and pray they will many more No.1s with Lupin! Congrats to KARA on their first ever MuBank No.1!
  3. Since I like both KARA and T-Ara, I don't mind either of them winning...but based on my music playlist, I ended up listening to Lupin more often than T-Ara's I Go Crazy. So I'm really happy for KARA. Congratulations KARA!
  4. I think Nicole's eyes are lovely with or without eyeliners. And she definitely looks pretty even with minimal makeup...but if it gives her added confidence, then I'm all for it.
  5. Social

    lol...nicole's tweets are always so cute and random..and she shows her caring side! thanks for always posting the translations!
  6. ahh...this is easy...definitely EVERYTHING! I love her smile the most actually.
  7. LOL...I never knew Seungyeon was like that and Gyuri would try and 'protect' Nicole's innocence! I learn new things about them everyday. Thanks for the translation...pity the video has been removed.
  8. LMAO!!! Thanks for gathering so many scenes of our beloved Hara 'stealing' things! Although I watched every episode of Invincible Youth, I didn't realise Hara has already 'stolen' so many things! LOL...she is so cute when she tries to 'steal' things!
  9. Hope KARA wins Best Pop Song for Mister...I still can't get enough of that song after so long. But I wonder what are the other nominees in that category other than Ring Ding Dong and Genie...if 2NE1 is also in the Best Pop Song category, it'll be tough. At least they don't have to compete with Gee for Best Pop Song...i think Gee is gonna win Song of the Year! Anyway, all the best to KARA!
  10. aww...Nicole doesn't think her hairstyle is pretty? I think it's totally hot and gives her a certain aura when she performs Lupin onstage. I really admire girls who look good in short hair and this is part of the reason why she's a standout in the group. Jiyoung will still be the cute one but I'm sure this concept change will make her look more mature and perhaps with more appearances on variety shows, she'll make herself less of a maknae and more of an entertainer in her own right. I hope she gets to blossom into the 'different person' that she wants! I really love Seungyeon's new hairstyle...i'm not sure if short hair actually makes her more mature or cuter...she's already so cute, when her hair is cut short, her face and her smile will stand out even more, making her even cuter since she has such a beautiful smile. Anyway, i love Seungyeon's new look and totally love it when she smiles! I think Gyuri will always look good regardless of the concept or image and she's certainly very comfortable with the 'darker' image now. Hara still looks the same and I'm happy that she maintained her hairstyle so that she could do those hairflips in Lupin. She certainly looks sexier in the Bond girl image. Overall, I think they look even prettier now than ever and I'm very happy with their new concept.
  11. I would love KARA to do a dance/upbeat number with a male idol group like Big Bang or SS501. Something like what T-Ara did together with Choshinsung last year would be really awesome!
  12. Most overlooked - Jiyoung...hope to see more of her in variety shows and maybe that will help her feel less of a maknae and more of an entertainer in her own right. Most stand out - Nicole...it's just the way she is - cute, bubbly and easily catches people's attention even in a group.
  13. I pick Seungyeon! With her short hair now, she looks the cutest in the group.
  14. I'd definitely pick Nicole because she's full of fun and energy and she'll make the day extremely crazy but it'll be great fun!
  15. lol...i got Gyuri! You're GyuRi. You're very confident and some people might think you're cold but you really aren't once they get to know you. You're fun and caring. ok, i'm satisfied...lol...fun quiz!