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  1. Even though I'm sad the girls don't live together anymore, part of me is ecstatic that we can see their cute interactions through tweets.
  2. I remember watching this episode. Seriously Hara is just adorable with everybody. Even though I love HyukRi, Hara and Eunhyuk (HyukRa?) make a cute pair too. He was so shy during the whole thing.
  3. Who else but Eunhyuk? They're so cute together whenever they're on variety or radio shows, and you can tell they're close friends.
  4. Single

    The goddesses are back!!! The covers are all super pretty, and the girls look stunning (especially Hara). I think I love the blue cover the best. Definitely saving up to buy this (or maybe even all 3).
  5. This is such a hard question since all 5 of them are so fun and down to earth. But ultimately it'd be a toss up between Hara and Nicole for me. They're both super friendly and fun to be around. Hara is hilarious (hence why she's my favorite) but Nicole can speak English.
  6. I first heard of KARA4 before they debuted because I'm a huge fan of SS501 and they were under the same company. I decided to support them since they're SS501's juniors and I've been a huge fan since.
  7. She's soooo pretty. Congratulations to Sunghee and wish her all the best! I'm kind of sad KARA didn't go though. Would have liked to see a KARA4 reunion.
  8. Oh man, I'm already teary from the preview especially after seeing Gyuri like that. Even though the whole lawsuit was hard for them, it must have been extremely stressful for Gyuri as a leader. Add in the fact that there were rumors circulating about her being the outcast and a bad leader. Poor Goddess T.T This is gonna be on sad episode. On another note, Jang Woohyuk <3
  9. Gahh I was going to choose all but I didn't see it until too late. All of them are such great role models, it's hard to have a favorite. Even though I like Hara a bit more (and Sunghee too), I truly love all 6 girls.
  10. I'm one of the few who really like 2AM with KARA. You can tell they're all very good friends, and whenever they're on shows together, it's hilarious. Now if only 2AM had one more member. I hate how whenever they're paired up Gyuri or Seungyeon is left out. SHINee and KARA look good together too.
  11. I'm glad Hara's going to college. A lot of idols say they go to college but you never see them there except maybe once or twice. Hara's been consistently going despite a busy schedule and from the looks of it, she's been very active at school too.
  12. original fan! I started liking them ever since Break It came out. First and only girl group where I've liked from debut to present. KARA JJANG!
  13. Hara was seriously the one who made the show worth watching. She and Sunny were the funniest and they were the two who worked the hardest. After Sunny, Yuri, and Hyuna left Hara tried so hard to fill in the gap left by them, especially Sunny. I'm so glad she won an award for this, she truly deserved it.
  14. Japan's got butt dance fever haha. Not surprising since KARA's so popular over there. Does anyone have the clip of Kame doing it?
  15. I think all of KARA are really funny. They're probably the only girl group where all the members can make me laugh. Out of the five, I think Hara and Gyuri are the funniest. Hara is hilarious with her antics and dorky personality and Gyuri's so straightforward and honest.