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  1. this is really good. thanks the thread starter for sharing this with us ^_______^
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abxAMPRalCo...feature=related hey guys what show is it? i guess it's Every1 idol show is that correct? thanks a lot!
  3. oh hi, yeah i passed by cause i really liked the gif in ur signature when i saw it. could you tell me which program it is and is it available in here?

    thanks :D

  4. heh, your my first visitor on my page~

    anyways, hello^^

  5. hey totaltrainwreck, thanks a lot for sharing that funny thing Seung Yeon please get well soon <3 btw guys, i recently watched this clip about Ham on yt and i thought it's really relevant to put it in here. here a look in ur spare time may be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lnLZoyYWhE...mp;feature=grec
  6. yes we need another rapper. 1 at the moment is NOT enough. Another argument is that 'rapper' is just too cute to by a rapper. we need someone with fierceness haha
  7. haha thanks a lot for your guide. i watched the Strong Heart part and I fell in love with Gyuri because of that you must be a girl right? i mean you kind of focus on her hair and stuff. sry if im wrong and yes, when it comes to Gyuri (and KARA), I dont bother the language anymore, though I'd still prefer to understand what they say actually. edit after watching these: this guy worshiperxx must be really obsessed by KARA and especially Gyuri haha
  8. http://i42.tinypic.com/2e65tom.jpg what r u doing Ham =)) I seriously want to hug you and kiss ur cheek
  9. she just tweeted a few line 1 hour ago. anyone please do the babel fish =P
  10. why not? at least post some of what you thinks the best thanks in advance. and dont wish you were the cameraman, otherwise u'd faint and got fire the following day
  11. i first saw her on Strong Heart. Needless to say how touch I was when I listerned to her story. She is lovely yet Seungyeon is the strongest girl I know.
  12. Gyuri was the one who brought me to KARA. Seungyeon was the one who raised up my love for them afer listening to her story Strong Heart. Apprarently I love Nicole, but I'l never forget how I began to know and appreciate Kara.
  13. idols work all year round, sleep a few hour a day. that's a fact. i know that they'll get what they r deserved but i still feel it's too hard for these young girls.