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  1. i want!! please and thank you! been dying to see this concert.
  2. episodes 1 and 2 are out with eng subs on viki. time to start watching!
  3. that second picture she had such a wide range of expressions during that segment
  4. here's what the other cast members look like (hopefully i got them correct lol) very good looking cast Jang Bori - played by Oh Yeonseo Do Minjung - played by Lee Yuri Joo Chanwoo - played by Kim Jihoon Joo Sangwoo - played by Oh Changsuk
  5. seems like forever since i posted on KH so i will try to be more active especially in this thread lol and im looking forward to hammie's new drama!
  6. did they take into account the ticket sales from the theaters? either way, that still A LOT of money they made!
  7. it's been so long since i've last posted here x.x gorgeous hammie at the press conference!
  8. happy 4th anniversary!! although i was only part of it for 2 years, it was an awesome 2 years! really looking forward the new layout too! and once again, happy 4th!!
  9. nope, i thought that too just 4 more days til hammie's teaser!