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  1. manager 'onnie'?? wow! it's always manager 'oppa'.. am surprised that DSP give youngji 'onnie' instead..
  2. you've got it right.. Japan music industry is way bigger.. They are like second after the US market, and also alongside with Chinese (Taiwan, HK) market. I've learnt this before in one of my lectures that Japan invest a lot in their entertainment industry (like second the most I think?). That is why a lot of american musician performing there in Music Station, having their concert, etc. There are a lot of other foreign artists that promoting their album there. Like the artists from my country, Malaysia, such as Che'Nelle, Pop Shuvit and Bunkface, they all are promoting their musics in Japan as well. That is one of the reasons, I think, KARA got to perform at MTV World Stage in Malaysia in 2012. They gained more popularity internationally after debuting in Japan. And, that is also why Big Bang, DBSK are known worldwide. Not solely because they debuting in Korea, but because they are big names in Japan too.
  3. Audio

    this is sooooo goooooooood!!!!!! love it from the first beat
  4. lose interest.. lose respect.. I hate women beater

  5. Spazz

    I almost forgot the fact that she only got 2 years with these unnies. Thanks for reminding me. She'll be better time by time. No doubt, her vocal is stable and her dance skill is above par. But, I'm still waiting for the Youngji I know in KARA project. The playful, dorky Youngji. The Youngji that I thought will be great on variety. She still very shy and timid now. But, as Seungyeon said on ASK interview, she get better and better on camera. And, true to that, we can see her improvement from all the interviews and shows they did now. She sure works triple harder than any other rookies out there. Just look at her nowadays as compared to KARA Project days. She lost weight, a lot! I just can't imagine her days now. I'm sure that after her schedule finish, when all her unnies can get home and get some sleep, she'll need to attend a lot of lesson to improve her skills. That's why Seungyeon said she texted Youngji to motivate her knowing their maknae is having hard time. Even Gyuri mentioned Youngji as the member that is having the hardest time instead of the unnies. I trust DSP choice (though many disses them, I still trust them.. haha). There must be plenty of reasons of their choice. Not solely because of her pretty face. But, they sure know things we didn't know. They've been in the industry for 23 years already. They've been training Youngji, and they know what this girl got in her pocket to put her in the second generation idol group. We just need to wait and keep supporting her until she steps up..
  6. she definitely looks great with bangs
  7. Youngji is sooooo funny in this episode.. haha.. Finally, she's being the her I know in KARA Project. First, when the MC jokingly said she needs to pay for the drinks when the shooting finishes, she calmly and wittingly said, " Ok, I've brought my mom's card." haha.. Then, she picked herself as the prettiest KARA member.. Even though she denies it saying that she initially wanted to picked Gyuri, you can see that she lowered Gyuri's picture just after the MC announce the other KARA members choice. She definitely know how to not be edited out.. haha.. Then, she picked herself once again as the KARA member that she wishes to be reincarnated to though the MC said to pick other member.. She's definitely Mong young Ji.. haha.. The best moment is her weird accent when asked to say the final words, crack me up.. haha.. and, I really love KARA unnies reactions to the new maknae.. haha.. She definitely leave a very good impressions to the audiences.. She's one likeable girl.. And, true to what Seungyeon said previously, her way of talking, sounds really cute.. haha..
  8. Spazz

    Maybe she wanted to go through the script once again.. Remember, she's different from other rookies.. She's debuted in the 7 years old group.. Her group now is one of the greatest sundaes in kpop industry (the second generation idol).. She definitely never want to tarnish KARA reputation.. And, I really amaze with her.. I finally understand why she was picked by DSP.. It's not because she's pretty.. But, she's not crack under pressure.. Yes, she cried in KARA project (a lot!!!).. But, she's really calm and did really well during her debut stage.. I can't see any nervousness.. I can't feel that she's rookie, at all!!! The only thing that she need to work now, is her variety skills.. But, I really love her in Guerrilla Date though.. haha
  9. Fancam

    I feel the same.. they definitely become better now.. Hara has improve her vocal greatly (we know she's one great performer).. Gyuri and Seungyeon, finally can show their true ability as great performers (we know GyulHam are always great singers..they both have great vocal.. I always love GyulHam singing.. They are the few kpop idol that can convey their emotions really well in their singing).. and for Youngji, unlike other rookies, she works super hard to debut in a 7 year old group (the second generation of kpop idol).. she's definitely the best rookie out there.. This KARA, is the best KARA for me.. they are the most beautiful girl group.. they can sing.. they can dance.. nuff said..
  10. TV Show

    youngji is soooo funny!!! haha.. finally she shows the her I know in the KARA project..
  11. i can't find any reason.. haha.. but, she's likable..
  12. nowadays, I notice a lot of idol try the narcissist concept.. but, none of them are even close to Gyuri.. she just born as a goddess i think.. haha.. when other idol called their own selves beautiful or pretty, I'll be like wtf are they thinking? they sound arrogant to me.. but, for Gyuri, I just can't help but to think all her sayings are just fit to her and true..haha.. one thing I like about gyuri, she never dissed others.. she might called herself beautiful and all that, but she never called others ugly.. she always say everyone has different charm, which is super true!!!! btw, all her sayings are great to me.. she's truly a smart girl.. haha.. she's confident and positive minded.. if I were to choose one, I would pick her answer on SGB.. " I'm not that kind of girl that will be sad if 8 people out of many Korean man not picked me" " If people don't like me, I don't like them either" and, her saying to hyunjoong on intimate note: " oppa, please look at me as a dongsaeng" haha.. hyunjoong had been dumped by our goddess..