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  1. individual or group doesn't matter coz 5 of them have special character and they are such an angel i love them
  2. yap, i live far away from korea and i wish could see them perform, i really like them so much the 5 of them are unique and no doubt, they hard to choose which one
  3. they're so cute and adorable.. i still wait for the engsub for this episode.. can't wait to watch this one..
  4. congrats kara!! i'm really happy reading his news.. hope girls talk album will break 100k or more~
  5. kara at second place of the polling.. they also beat KAT-TUN at the polling.. i really hope that Kara perform on Kohaku.. that's really great achievement for them as a rookie at Jpop world.. Kara hwaiting~
  6. wow! daebak..they're just getting started at Japan then they got this drama.. and i really happy cause this drama starring five member.. can't wait to watch this..
  7. what's wrong their new hair style.. i really like it.. it really fresh and match them so well.. they all look pretty.. and nicole with her forehead shown.. i think she is more cute now..
  8. wow~ i want those key chain too.. i absolutely grab all the five member of Kara.. too bad can't go there and buy it..
  9. i really really dying now~ really want to watch the mv.. i already watched the teaser and that was awesome! they really grown up well and becoming the trends of music industry now..
  10. wow~ i just know the song.. it is a really nice song.. thanks for sharing.. *wanna search for the mv*
  11. ganbatte Kara!! i really proud see them success in Japan.. i really love their performance in Music Station.. really wanted they have an encore in Music Station..
  12. wow..KARA is a new trend setter~ they're look cute and fresh..
  13. i know this site from SweetMelodix at Youtube.. I'm so happy that i could interact with kamilia all over the world and find a lot of thing about Kara here..