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  1. Really excited for Hara's long-deserved solo debut! She's really improved over the years - both singing skill- and charisma-wise Can't wait to see what she has to showcase in this album!
  2. DSPKara finally uploaded the teaser in its 1080p glory! *O*
  3. Here's a handy website for those who are tired of abusing the replay button --> http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch/?v=nfBE-MxtMgc I need a higher quality teaser so I can rip the audio and use it as my ringtone *O* Never getting tired of it IT'S JUST SO DAMN CATCHY.
  4. ksljdfkljsdkljf I EFFING LOVE THE TEASER SO MUCH ZOMG. The instrumental is sick and the girls look like they're having so much fun!! Not to mention the choreo is pretty slick, too.
  5. I believe the Big 3 is referring to SM, JYP, and YG. The companies, not their groups. XD
  6. This is going to be one epic comeback Is it too early to make this thread?! Well there really isn't much to spazz about right now since the MV teaser hasn't been released yet and all we have are two promo pictures but I AM STILL SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ALBUM sldkjfksdf <3 I really love Seungyeon's style on the cover, very reminiscent of Revolution's rich colours and Jumping's sophistication.
  7. I love how DSP is catering to Kamilias all around the world! KARA Channel is really an excellent idea <3 I really can't wait for this!!
  8. I'd have to go with Gyuri on this one! Besides being immediately eye-catching by being in the center, the aura and confidence she exude really draw you in (not to mention her hair colour XD).
  9. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!!!!!111 Everything looks very promising so far - the cover, the concept, the style, KARA channel, the promotional teasers, everything - it really does seem like a new promotional team is handling the activities this time doesn't it?! DSP is really stepping up their game! If I really must pick on something that wasn't outright perfect then it must be the tracklist of the album. I wish they could include more full songs (rather than intros, outtros, and instrumentals) but KARA's full albums have always been known to be quite short in length. Th up side to that is they rarely have filler songs (which I hate -.-), so the entire album turns out to be really solid and high quality. Can't wait to hear all the new songs! Rider sounds especially promising because the title sounds so badass lol.
  10. I'm learning how to make gifs right now and I couldn't resist making this one after seeing the goddess in action~ Gyul was gorgeous! Gyul being the goddess that she is <3
  11. please to all the kamilla out there. please vote kara and hara click this link http://music.cyworld.com/event/promotion/2011/choice/vote.asp#none then click number 13 to vote for hara for hot goddess campus and kara #17 for hot halluya star. we can vote everyday. please continue voting until july6

  12. You're welcome~ How have you been? XD Haven't seen you in a long time~

  13. Thanks! :D I feel so old now OTL