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Status Updates posted by xichigo

  1. Thanks! :D I feel so old now OTL

  2. Thanks for bday wish Meme <3

  3. Thanks for the bday wish Vennie (^O^)/ Yikes I'm so old now :P

  4. I think your comment on my wall got cut off DD: lolol I remember those ctkt specials on Maru's bungee jumping at the Dome concert HE WAS HILARIOUS. I was seriously cheering him on until he finally jumped the.. 50m one was it? I WAS SO PROUD OF HIM LOL. I want to spazz longer but I have class in 10 minutes I MUST RUN.

  5. LOLOLOLOLOL I was like O_O for a moment there haha. Don't worry in-in will conqueor the assignments and burn them afterwards. >D

  6. yesss those fried chicken pieces!! yen su ji (i can't type chinese on this computer right now, but i'm sure you know what i'm talking about haha) i miss going to nightmarkets in taiwan T^T (i can do without all the cockroaches crawling around though) GOOD LUCK with school too! jia you on your midterms~ :D

  7. i'm goood! craving yummy (and unhealthy) taiwanese cuisines haha >D school workload is pretty heavy right now but i'll pull through~ how are you? :D

  8. whee omg i was just watching this

    i want a studio version of this song so desperately OTL
  9. *chases you around* ahh i'm on a hiatus right now >_< i'm swimming in school assignments and i really need a break from my fandoms to concentrate TT_____TT

  10. Nakamaru! I remember how he was the only person who could put up with Jin on cartoon KAT-TUN haha. In the 5nin KAT-TUN I'm probably leaning more towards Ueda (because of his beautiful compositions <3) and Kame (because he was my first bias before Jin) <333 Whee now i can't wait to watch the concert *O* i downloaded it but i'm preventing myself from... clicking.. on...it....

  11. haha so who's your new bias now? i haven't watched the concert yet >_> i'm waiting till i get the dvd (the limited one of course >D) so I can ~fangirl~ in high quality pwahahahha.

  12. *CATCHES HIM AND PUTS HIM ON MY BED* asdfjk;asdfjk;sdfjk; <3

  13. haha are you referring to the *intense* discussion in the Urakara thread? Imo people can be very sensitive to others' opinions sometimes, especially if they don't agree. -.-

  14. wheee i just tweeted you! omg it's 2:20am here right now @_@ my head is all woozy -flails around- i should sleep soon...

  15. nopes H!P hasn't posted up official pics of the 9th gen girls yet )): you can find HQ pictures of Momusu and any other H!P groups on Hello!Online's picboard :Dhttp://www.hello-online.org/index.php?app=picapp

  16. Ohh, the groups indicate different roles/jobs on the forum. For example, I'm in the "Super☆ Mod" group, and that's my job - I'm a super moderator. "Famholics" are our donators. "Swt Mel ♪ Subbers" are subbers in our subbing team, and so on. (: Ordinary members have one of these groups - Kamilia★ | Kamilia♥ | Kamilia | Karaholic♥...

  17. The titles correspond to your number of posts. As your posts increase, you go up the rank~ Like this:

    Rank Title / Min Posts

    Rebel / 0

    Pickpocket / 10

    Rogue / 25

    Thief / 50

    Bandit / 100

    Swindler / 200

    Lupin / 400

  18. Hi sky~ Welcome to KH! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me :3

  19. CALY!! Merry Xmas dear~ <3

  20. Merikuri to you too memeee x3

  21. Ohh nopes that thread is only for articles that are not in English XD For those English articles, you can pm a Newsbox mod and if it's appropriate it will be posted~ (:

  22. HECK YES AS USUAL IT'S MINE~! Reminds me of the my crazy display name during the Lupin days hahahaha. Omg can't believe it's been almost a year since that song came out asdjfk;asdfjk;. HARA, HARA, HARA HARA HARA HARA. Lupin is the Hara song rofl.

  23. Sorry I don't know either D: I suppose it's at an ASK store somewhere? Maybe the same place as the last ASK fansign, but I have no idea where that is either. Sorry >_>

  24. Have you listened to Utada Hikaru's music? If you haven't.. ZOMG GO NOW!! 8D And yes JUJU's Request is lsfjdsjfls amazing. She covered so many classic songs! No wonder it sold like hot cakes pwahaha.