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  1. Let's share our favourite group pictures of the girls! If this works out we can have a beautiful collection right here <3 So, everyone, pitch in! Please refrain from posting individual pictures though, as those belong to the girls' individual forums. Here's mine, during the encore performance of their second win on M!Countdown: credit: as tagged Isn't this sweet? This is such a touching moment~ Group hug! To me, this symbolizes the effort they spent over the last 2 years, and their strong unity as a group. It always makes me warm and fuzzy inside when I look at this picture, haha (:
  2. This is going to be one epic comeback Is it too early to make this thread?! Well there really isn't much to spazz about right now since the MV teaser hasn't been released yet and all we have are two promo pictures but I AM STILL SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ALBUM sldkjfksdf <3 I really love Seungyeon's style on the cover, very reminiscent of Revolution's rich colours and Jumping's sophistication.
  3. The Oricon Guide for Beginners For those of you who have been keeping up with KARA's Japanese promotions, you might have heard the word "Oricon" popping quite frequently. Oricon Inc is a corporation that supplies information and statistical data on the Japanese music industries, and it's well-known for its music charts. Oricon's official website: http://www.oricon.co.jp/index.html Ranking: http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/ Daily rankings: Singles - http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/js/d/ Albums - http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/ja/d/ DVD (total) - http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/dg/d/ DVD (music) - http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/dm/d/ DVD (movies) - http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/mv/d/ Weekly rankings: Singles - http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/js/ Albums - http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/ja/ DVD (total) - http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/dg/ DVD (music) - http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/dg/ DVD (movies) - http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/dm/ Monthly rankings: Singles - http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/js/m/ Albums - http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/ja/m/ NINKI predictions: Singles - http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/ns/ Albums - http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/na/ Other resources: Oricon Weekly Singles Top 50: http://jbbs.livedoor.jp/bbs/read.cgi/music/3914/1044805431/l10 Oricon Weekly Albums Top 50: http://jbbs.livedoor.jp/bbs/read.cgi/music/3914/1044805378/l10 Oricon Weekly Music-DVD Top 30: http://jbbs.livedoor.jp/bbs/read.cgi/music/3914/1057507128/l50 Estimation of daily sales - The Natsu Style: http://blog.livedoor.jp/ustan777/archives/cat_50014136.html Regarding NINKI predictions: The first thing you should know is that Ninki does not predict sales. The ratings, results of a poll conducted by Oricon, are merely numbers indicating the amount of interested shown in an upcoming release. The predictions is a general indication of how a release will perform on the Oricon chart in terms of position. A typical Oricon week: Almost all Japanese albums or singles are released Wednesdays, and there is a reason behind this. I'm going to use KARA's Mister as an example. The single was released on August 11, but it actually hit the shelves on August 10. The Oricon data released on August 11 is actually a reflection of the sales of the single from Tuesday, August 10. Likewise, the Oricon data released on Thursday, August 12, reflects Wednesday's sale. The typical Oricon week for a new release looks like this: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, then the sales from these six days are compiled into the weekly chart. For old releases (read: after first week of release), the weekly chart consists of sales from all seven days of the week. In order to achieve the highest sale possible on the weekly chart, artists will release their work on Wednesdays. When is the Oricon chart usually updated? The daily charts are usually updated around 7pm JST, and the weekly charts around 5pm on every Tuesday. Regarding the weekly "add-ons" in sales: At the end of the week, Oricon will put together the data from the daily rankings PLUS additional reported sales from retailers that only send in their data once a week. This is why there is usually a small boost in the weekly charts. Online stores that count towards Oricon: Amazon Japan, CDJapan, Yesasia, HMV Japan. All the links posted on Karaholic are contributors toward the Oricon charts. Another important chart - Recochoku It's a general website for downoading paid music, etc, to cell phones or PCs. It's a very good indicator of how popular a release is due to the Japanese people's large use of mobile phones. Ranking index: http://recochoku.jp/recochoku_ranking/index.html Chaku-Uta ranking: http://recochoku.jp/recochoku_ranking/index.html Chaku-Uta full song ranking: http://recochoku.jp/recochoku_ranking/full.html Video clip ranking: http://recochoku.jp/recochoku_ranking/videoclip.html I'll be adding more information to this thread as time goes on. If you see anything wrong in this thread, or have more information to add, please notify me!
  4. From what little I've heard her speak English, Ham is pretty fluent and has very little accent. Why doesn't she speak it often though? Like in that one interview conducted in English, only Nicole was speaking in English >_> Maybe she was afraid she might mess up, or something. Well, she did have less exposure to the language than Nicole since she was only in the US for about a year or so, but I like hearing her voice in English~ Maybe she can practise with Nicole and get better and and and they can have a duet in English <33 Ham's English moments! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgwVdnCF0LA lol she broke down at the end, so funny XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpuN7QCzysg Gyuri was hilarious; Ham was just like, oh, this is easy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlnuzbGSyjU Haha, this counts right? XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujYrZ7QBUR4 lol, this is so anticlimactic, a "no thanks" and the convo's over XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEvDmC7jpeY Sung completely in English! (: So, what do you guys think of SeungYeon's English? Let's share Ham's English moments XD ---------- Bonus : Gyul's english too Ham singing Strong Enough by Stacie Orrico "Hello everyone,Im Seungyeon.Hi" Wakeeeeeeeee up~~~
  5. Really excited for Hara's long-deserved solo debut! She's really improved over the years - both singing skill- and charisma-wise Can't wait to see what she has to showcase in this album!
  6. Who do you think is the most photogenic member in KARA? In case you don't know what photogenic means, here is a definition from Wiki: Personally, I think Hara is the most photogenic, lol. She always looks so beautiful and doll-like in photos, regardless of any lighting or angles. (: She just shines. Maybe that's the reason why cameramen on music shows film her so much? lol. For example... <3
  7. Another beautiful picture of SY's eyes: thanks to MiSS.GiRlli3 It's so hard to choose.. I'll pick Hara! I love her serious eyes and her smily eyes
  8. I think this topic is pretty much self-explanatory lol. But I really really feel the need to spazz, so.. I"ll spazz! <3 So I"m sure you guys all noticed Hara's apple hair in the most recent MuCore performance of Mister (Sept 26) and how ridiculously adorable it looks! From her debut up to now, there hasn't been too many variation on Hara's hairstyle - she either left it straight or curly, and sometimes with some minor changes, but the apple hair has been my favourite so far! Definitely, this hairstyle shows the cute/dorky side to Hara as opposed to the smexy image that she's been sporting throughout Wanna and Mister. Pic spam! v Click to appreciate Hara's beauty in larger pictures enlarge. lol. She also tried this hairstyle back in the Rock U days~ (ahh memories!) From Invicible Youth: ^yay omg so cute! Spazz!
  9. KARA's Awards Shelf ☆ K A R A 4 E R A 2007.05.xx Rookie of the Month 2007.08.09 Cyworld Digital Music Award ☆ K A R A 5 E R A ღHoney 2009.03.05 Mnet M!Countdown #1 2009.03.08 SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award 2009.03.12 Mnet M!Countdown #1 2009.03.26 Mnet M!Countdown #1 (Triple Crown) ღWanna 2009.08.30 SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award ღ2009 Year-End Awards 2009.03.01 Main Award "Bonsang" (Cyworld Digital Music Awards) 2009.11.21 Best Dance Award for Honey (Mnet Asian Music Awards) 2009.12.16 Top Ten Award (Melon Music Awards) 2009.12.31 Top Female Group and Top 10 SIngers of 2009 (Soompi Gayo Awards) 2009.09.19 Asian Best Group (Asia Song Festival) 2010.01.03 Female Artist Award (16th Korean Entertainment Arts Award) 2010.02.03 Bonsang Award (19th Seoul Music Awards) ღLupin 2010.03.04 Mnet M!Countdown #1 2010.03.11 Mnet M!Countdown #1 2010.03.12 Music Bank K-Chart #1 2010.03.14 SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award 2010.03.19 Music Bank K-Chart #1 2010.03.26 Music Bank K-Chart #1 ღJumping 2010.12.10 Music Bank K-Chart #1 2010.12.11 SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award ღ2010 Year-End Awards 2010.12.31 Top Female Group, Top 10 Singer of 2010 and Top 20 Songs of 2010 (Soompi Gayo Awards) 2010.20.23 Asian Best Group (Asia Song Festival) 2011.01.13 Hallyu Honorary Award (Music) 2010.01.03 Best Female Singer ღStep 2011.09.15 Mnet M!Countdown #1 2011.09.16 Music Bank K-Chart #1 2011.09.22 Mnet M!Countdown #1 2011.09.23 Music Bank K-Chart #1 2011.09.25 SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award ღ2011 Awards 2011.01.13 Hallyu Honorary Award "Music" (Ministry of Culture 2011 Content One Mind New Year Greeting) 2011.07.07 Hot Korean Wave Star (Mnet Summer Break 20's Choice) 2011.01.21 International Artist of the Year, Best Jpop Artist, Top 5 J-Pop Artists, Best K-Pop Music, Top 5 K-Pop Music, Best Female Group, Top 5 Female Groups, Most Popular (2nd Korea International Awards) 2011.12.31 Top 50 Songs of 2011 (Soompi Gayo Awards) 2011.10.15 Asian Best Group (Asia Song Festival) ღ2011 Year-End Awards 2012.01.11 Bonsang Award and Best Hallyu Star Award (26th Golden Disk Awards) 2012.01.18 Asia Star Prize (7th Asia Model Awards) 2012.01.19 Bonsang Award and Hallyu Award (21st Seoul Music Awards) ღPandora 2012.08.28 MBC Show Champion #1 "Pandora" 2012.09.07 KBS Music Bank #1 "Pandora" 2012.09.13 Mnet M! Countdown #1 "Pandora" ღ2012 Awards 2012.01.18 Asia Star Award (7th Asia Model Awards Ceremony) 2012.02.07 GCS International Grand Award 2012.06.12 Stars Of Korean Tourism 2012.11.30 Mnet Asian Music Awards "Best Global Group - Female" 2012.12.31 MBC Gayo Daejaejun - "MBC Gayo Daejaejun Award (White Team)" 2012.06.12 "Stars of Korean Tourism" 2012.01.20 Korea Mobile Awards 2011: Kara's Journey Through Japanese App "Korea Communications Commission Award" (Grand Prize) 2012.12.31 Top 50 Songs of 2012 (Soompi Gayo Awards) 2012.12.29 Best Rival (SBS MTV Best of the Best) ღ2012 Year-End Awards 2013.01.01 Best Female Group (Allkpop Awards) 2013.01.15 27th Golden Disk Awards: Malaysia's Most Favorite Star Award 2013.01.15 27th Golden Disk Awards: Disk Bonsang 2013.01.24 24th Jewelry Best Dresser Award "Jewelry Best Dresser" ღDamaged Lady 2013.09.13 KBS Music Bank #1 " Damaged Lady" 2013.09.18 MBC Show Champion #1 "Damaged Lady" 2013.09.25 MBC Show Champion #1 "Damaged Lady" ღ2013 Awards 2013.04.18 17th Global Mandarin Chart Awards "Most Popular International Group" 2013.10.19 Korean Entertainment 10th Anniversary in Japan "Best Female Group" ☆ J A P A N 52nd Japan Record Awards - Project Award for "KARA SPECIAL PREMIUM BOX FOR JAPAN" 25th Japan Gold Disc Awards - New Artist of the Year (International) - The Best 3 New Artists (International) 26th Japan Gold Disc Awards - Best Asian Artist - Best 3 Albums (Asian) - Girl's Talk - Song Of The Year By Download (Asian) - Jumping - Best 5 Songs By Download - Jumping - Best Music Videos (Asian) - Best Clips 27th Japan Gold Disc Awards - Best Asian Artist - Best 3 Albums (Asian) - Super Girl - Album of the Year - Super Girl 53rd Japan Record Awards -Excellence Award for "Go Go Summer!" 2011 K-Pop Lovers! Awards - Album of the Year "Super Girl" 2011Melo Awards - Best Crossover Artist of Group into Japan 2011 NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen - Kohaku Uta Gassen Award (Red Team) ​☆ I N D I V I D U A L 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards - Excellent Female Variety Show MC Award (Hara) 2011 Mnet Summer Break 20's Choice - Hot Campus Girl (Hara) 2011 SBS Drama Awards - New Star Award (Hara) 2013 '50th' Savings Day - Saving Award (Hara)
  10. I first saw Ham in a performance of Secret World, I think. I thought she was really, really cute! And petite. And I remember thinking her voice is really sweet. <3
  11. cr: karafamily.net Oh wow Jing's mom is so young and beautiful. Now we can see where Jing and her two sister inherited their good looks from~
  12. Well, not exactly a dictionary, but more like a collection of quotes? Gyuri's one-liners never fail to crack me up! Off the top of my head: I lol'd so hard when she said that xD I know there are A LOT more interesting quotes from Gyul, so, share them!
  13. Hara in MNET Super 100, "Bodies that make you want to go on a diet" List #82 credit as tagged This was out a few days ago, but most of the attention was on Sunmi~ I'm not surprised Hara made the list; she is REALLY skinny and petite Like she mentioned before, even if she eat lots she won't gain weight -is jealous- Beautiful and skinny Hara <3
  14. Baby Jing needs more love! She's not called the puppy for no reason, haha. We know she has the PUPPY LAUGH and has TWO PUPPIES, but Jing can also be a puppy herself! Baby Jing is so precious. <3
  15. BlackBerry Bold 9000 White Edition. More info Even more info Original link provided by Kara Baidu Ba Just look at the pictures~ Dangg she has such a nice phone~ cr// Kara Baidu Ba Something to pass the time while we wait for the girls' comeback <3
  16. For pics of Seungyeon with short hair, see here: http://www.karaholic.com/forums//index.php?showtopic=5247 I love the change! I mean, Seungyeon looks great in long hair but you can only do so much with a long hairstyle. She looks cute and sexy at the same time with her short hair! What do you guys think? edit/ more pics! http://i49.tinypic.com/2aaey3m.jpg http://i47.tinypic.com/210dchj.jpg
  17. WHAT?! You gyus are probably thinking. But Hara is the epitome of grace! Yup Hara is indeed very graceful.. but when she gets super excited and hyper, her dorkiness attacks and she often ends up.. falling or tripping. And the funny and endearing thing is that, sometimes she just trips at the most random times. At the end of the clip, she was doing the butt dance.. and then, omph! At around 2:49 and 3:26. o_o Minho and Sunny totally lol'd haha. And there's her falling near the end of the race at Chuseok's Sweet Girl special. <-- Aww.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- on another episode: credit:asukal
  18. Let's just say.. If you were to pick one of KARA's songs, any one, to represent each of the girls, which song would you pick for which member? I.e., which song show's which member's personality, which song suits which member, etcetc. For me.. Nicole AHA. AHA has that bubbly and hyper charm that can brighten up anyone's day, just like our Cole. <3 Gyuri Break It or Let It Go. Both songs exhibit that strong-powerful-girl image that characterizes Gyuri really well. Gyuri has never simply been the cute and bubbly girl next door, and, IMO, at the core, she isn't really the self-admiring goddess that she portrays herself to be - she's simply a strong girl with a strong personality, tons of determination, and a great leadership skill. Hara Magic or I am (ing). Hara gives off that vibe of serenity and beauty, as well as grace, that is reflected in more ballad-like songs. Even when she acts dorky, she can't help but be graceful and sweet. Her sweetness isn't the loud type like Nicole (I don't really know how to phrase this lol), but is the type that shows through one subtle smile and gesture. Now that I come to think of it, Secretly Secretly is quite suitable too. <3 Jiyoung Yodelee or Pretty Girl. Ahh maknae! She really exhibits the youthful charm that only young people have, so I picked some bright and upbeat songs for her. Seungyeon I'll be there. I actually have the most trouble with picking a song to represent Seungyeon. Even though she shows her choding side occasionally (well, maybe not JUST occasionally, lol), I know she's very mature and strong. She had been Kara's image starting from the time when they released the first album, and had been the one appearing on shows most often to promote the group, to keep the group aloft when the times are hard. Like Gyuri, Seungyeon is a very determined and strong individual, but her strength is displayed kind of.. more quietly? Anyways, I think I'll be there really suits SY. <3
  19. Oh Seungyeon... To those who have finished watching Kara's episode of The Teacher is Coming (subbed by our wonderful SweetMelodix team), what did you think of the prank and its effect Seungyeon? Personally, I felt that the prank was a bit over-the-top, lol. It's clear that Seungyeon took it hard judging by how hard she was crying/sobbing when she found out that it's a secret camera. I really felt sorry for her when the others were ignoring her during the interview and by her confession of how much she gave up in order to become a singer and how hard she is working in order to realize her dream. It's so touching T_T. Seungyeon is such a sweet and hardworking person and it's clear that she takes her responsibilities well - to look after the maknaes, to think of what's best for the group, etcetc. For example, when Kara were told by the police to get out of the van, Seungyeon immediately called the other manager and tried to deal with the situation with Gyuri. I felt really really proud of Seungyeon after watching the videos.. really. T_T -hugs Ham- So, what about you guys? Any thoughts, comments, etcetc? PS: Oh yeah, and I kind of started tearing up when Seungyeon began to cry.. T_T It just got to me..
  20. This is a live audio ripped from Kara5's performance of If U Wanna at the Metafriends concert. (: It's an old performance, but worth sharing anyways~ Enjoy! CLICK
  21. So, I was rewatching Kara's Honey performances the other day, and I came upon >this< performance (look for the hair-flipping thing that she does at 2:07!). I'm once again amazed how smooth Hara's hair is. Seriously, it NEVER gets disorganized or disheveled during any performance, and is just so.. glossy and amazingly smooth! Perfect condition <3 I wonder how much time she spends on her hair. Cap from the performance: Some more amazing photos of Hara's sleek hair: omgars I'd give anything to have her hair >__> well maybe that's exaggerating but I swear, it's so pretty <3 More pics! Update: Don't you just love how sleek her hair is in the Again & Again perf? <3 Update 2 - Pic spam! ^ Shampoo companies, there's your perfect model right there! credits to daum. PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK THE GIFS. (seriously, don't. too many have been hotlinked; not cool at all. upload it on your own server like photobucket.)
  22. Here's a place where you can spazz about the girls on Kara Bakery! Visit SweetMel 2009 & SweetMel 2010 for all the episodes.
  23. Like Seungyeon, I first saw her in Secret World. First reaction: DANG SHE'S SO FRKING PRETTY. Especially her eyes. <3 AND she is a great singer. So I was immediately wowed.
  24. KARA's second Japanese single, "Jumping," will be released on November 10, 2010. http://i51.tinypic.com/154x05i.jpg The single will come in three versions, which can be distinguished as follow: First Press Version A (UMCK-9397) - comes with a special DVD. First Press Version B (UMCK-9398) - comes with a deluxe photobook. First Press Version C (UMCK-9399 ) - comes with a bonus track. *Note: When First Press Version C is sold out, it will be sold as the Regular Edition (UMCK-5301) WITHOUT the bonus track. Where to preorder: Version A: Amazon.jp, CDJapan, Yesasia Version B: Amazon.jp, CDJapan, Yesasia Version C: Amazon.jp, CDJapan, Yesasia Covers and Tracklists: (taken from Amazon.jp, thanks to pig3head, and http://www.karaweb.jp/news/) First Press Version A CD 1. Jumping 2. Burn 3, Jumping (Instrumental) DVD ●Jumping (Music Clip) ●Jumping (Dance Shot Ver.) ●Jumping (Music Clip Off Shot) First Press Version B 1. Jumping 2. Burn 3, Jumping (Instrumental) ☆Comes with a photobook First Press Version C 1. Jumping 2. Burn 3, Jumping (Instrumental) Bonus Track 4. Jumping (Original Version) Regular Edition (same as First Press Version C but without the bonus track) 1. Jumping 2. Burn 3, Jumping (Instrumental) Promotional Campaign - Member's Solo Shot PVs "People who buy three copies of first press singles will be eligible to receive their favourite member's Jumping solo shot version music video on a DVD! For more information please see the slip of paper containing the campaign info inside the singles." [Source] Not sure if international buyers are eligibile, but do check out the info slip inside your singles if you ordered first press versions. I'm sure the conditions will be written on there. Promotional Video (PV) Performance on the Oricon Chart First week Second week
  25. All the relevant discussions about Kara's Japanese Best Album will go here! The album is set to drop on September 29, 2010, in two different versions 1) CD Only and 2) CD+DVD. The version with the DVD is a limited edition and you all know what that means right? Get it while it's still available! Also, both versions come with a poster. Here's the blurb from CDJapan: Where to purchase: (all these online stores are official sales data providers to Oricon) Regular Edition: CDJapan, HMV Japan, Yesasia (with poster), Yesasia (no poster) Limited Edition: CDJapan, HMV Japan, Yesasia (with poster), Yesasia (no poster) *I'll update this with more links once they become available. *Please buy and support! The Oricon Chart is entirely based on sales. By buying the girls' album you'll be contributing toward the album's position on the chart! Covers Regular (CD Only) Limited (CD+DVD) Tracklisting: Related thread(s): KARA's debut in Japan [Mister] Discussion Thread (Discuss about their debut single, Mister!) Please note that all tracks will be in Korean, as confirmed by CDJapan and Universal Music Japan.