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  1. fixed the ep 7 links. ill try and get new mediafire links later

  2. Sorry to bother you but the first link for Metafriends Ep 4 is dead so I wondering if you could reupload it :(

  3. Sorry to bother you but the links for Metafriend Ep 7 do not work anymore :(

  4. I wish I knew what they were saying but to summarize but Sunghee is visiting her in-laws with her now husband, Yang Won Joon (31). The father in-law is a famous voice actor who is Yang Ji Woon. Remember they got married back in May so this was shot before the wedding ^^ credit: kibou92@youtube
  5. Happy Birthday!!

    Have a nice day~~

  6. I was watching Chi-Chi's comeback on Mnet Countdown with their new single called "Longer". I noticed one of the members kinda resembles our favorite goddess Gyuri. There is not a whole lot of data about this newbie group so I had to do some digging in order to share with my fellow Kamilia. Her name is Boreum (보름) and she is the assigned rapper in the group. She is born in 1994 so she would call Gyuri Unnie. Well, do you think my eyes are deceiving me?
  7. I was watching Tenk
  8. Kim Sung Hee (21) married in May to Yang Won Joon (31), the eldest son of voice actor Yang Ji Woon. The two have been dating for about a year, and they tied the knot on May 7th at a small wedding hall in Gyeonggi-do, Paju.The two first met approximately 2 years ago through their religious community, and grew close while attending various musical activities around the world. It’s been confirmed that the parents of the lovers met a year into their relationship, and agreed to set a wedding date. On her minihompy, she put up a picture of herself posing with her husband for their wedding portrait. She wrote, “As a man and a woman we have became one into a family“, signaling her approaching wedding date. In the picture, Kim Sung Hee is smiling brightly while in the arms of her husband-to-be, Yang Won Joon. The two reportedly started their relationship after meeting each other through their religious community a year ago and became close while attending various musical activities together. Yang Won Joon’s father, voice actor Yang Ji Woon stated, “I have been touched by my daughter-in-law’s actions. My wife, too, loves her a lot and has been blinded by her lovely charms. My son had a hard time in the past but I hope he starts a good family after meeting such a good and beautiful wife.” credit: allkpop article
  9. Thanks for the upload and for doing it so quickly!!!!! I miss seeing Gyuri ^^
  10. I came across an article saying that Korean netizens think that Kang Min Kyung from Davichi and our favorite "Giant Baby" resemble each other ... I don't really see it but it some ways Here is a video of Kang Min Kyung awkwardly dancing to Mister in the drama Smile Mom ... I hope she can do better in real life article link ^^
  11. Chae Yeon Unnie? Maybe ... Ever since the recent marriage announcement about Sung Hee something has been buggy me. I've been following KARA since their debut in 2007 and it struck me back then that Sung Hee has a resemblance with one of Kpop's queens, Chae Yeon. The thought occurred to me again so I decided with share the my fellow Kamilia to get their input. Do you think they look alike too?
  12. I've been a 100% Kamilia since their debut in 2007 after being introduced to Kpop through Hyori and Chae Yeon. However, I have to admit that I was sooooooooo disappointed when they came back with Rock You but I still supported them because I believed the girls will grow with different concepts. I like other groups but I only follow KARA and hope to continue even with all the trouble that has been happening this past week.
  13. Yoo Jae Suk is known as the nation's MC for variety shows ... very famous ^^ so kinda a big deal and he is a KARA fanboy so its adorable
  14. I was catching up on the recent episodes of Running Man and being a total Kamilia I recognized a jacket worn by my favorite fake maknae and maknae. I thought I would share because I got a totally laugh out of it. It was in episode 18 to be exact if you want to watch too at isubs-squad's website.
  15. I was rather sad that KARA did not attend the Melon Music Awards this year so I wanted to look at their performances last year. I was in for a surprise when I came across the a video of them taking pictures at the red carpet. Gyuri was stunning (as always) but this was a new level that I'm surprised that didn't catch the attention of the media. She wore a revealing dress that showed (once again) that she was a goddess to behold. I found pictures and thought would get input from Kamilia Ha Ji Won is seen wearing the same dress in a Guess Advertisement ... I love both but they feel different auras