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  1. This was taken in Portobello Road, London. Known for its second-hand clothes and antiques shops.
  2. This is the their latest car. *************************************************** Other Info: -Seungyeon had a Mini Cooper before this. She just switched to Porsche Cayenne this year. -So far, no information about Gyuri's car. She even stated she don't like to drive with her own. -Jiyoung's car probably is a gift from her mother, cause in one interview, she stated she wanted to ask a car from her mother. -Hara WAS a bad driver. She couldn't park her car backwards as told by Jessica SNSD, her best friend. But now, she might improve her skill driving. -Seungyeon is a slow driver. Hara said it might take a day for Seungyeon to reach her destination. Which of these car is your favourite? Let's discuss! ********************************************** Other pictures of their car. #UPDATED 22/1/2013 http://blog.naver.com/chiptuning?Redirect=Log&logNo=100177167469
  3. Get well soon Hara!!
  4. Spazz

    Well, if that's his purposes, it did well on pissing of others haha[ By the way, it seems that k.kamilia is still not happy with JunHara relationship. I posted the fanarts on my twitter but then I received a lot of request from them to remove it. Oh well
  5. It seems Suengyeon is having a new car? http://blog.naver.com/chiptuning?Redirect=Log&logNo=100177167469 It's Roll Royce Mini Goodwood, the limited version of Mini.
  6. Spazz

    Just to re-share this beautiful video again. In other note, KARA is now listed as one of the top 20 best selling Girl Groups all over the world? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_girl_groups
  7. Even after the 30% profit is deducted, there is still 2.8 billion Won clean profit, which is considerably an awesome amount to show the success of Tokyo Dome. So proud of the achievements ^^
  8. DVD

    KARA Best Clips II & Shows Released Date: February 29th, 2012 Regular Edition Cover Limited Edition Cover Tracklist (Both Regular and Limited): Bonus Tracklist for Limited Edition: Show your support!: YESASIA: Regular DVD / Regular Blu-Ray / Limited DVD / Limited Blu-Ray CDJapan: Regular DVD / Limited DVD / Regular Blu-Ray / Limited Blu-Ray Amazon: Regular DVD / Limited DVD / Regular Blu-Ray / Limited Blu-Ray HMV: http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/fl/56/249/1?utm_medium=rss&utm_source=raa000000c0
  9. KARA's 6th Japanese Single Speed Up/Girl's Power Release Date: March 21, 2012 Version Speed Up/Girl's Power [CD DVD] first press limited edition A / 1,980 yen HQ Cover: Tracklist SU/GP - Type A: 01 Speed Up (スピード アップ) 02 Girls Power (ガールズ パワー) 03 Speed Up (Instrumental) 04 Girls Power (Instrumental) DVD: 01 Speed Up (PV) 02 Speed Up (Dance version) 03 Speed Up (BTS) Preorder: CDJapan YesAsia HMV Amazon.jp _________________________________________________________________ Speed Up/Girl's Power [CD DVD] first press limited edition B / 1,980 yen HQ Cover Tracklist GP/SU - Type B: 01 Girls Power (ガールズ パワー) 02 Speed Up (スピード アップ) 03 Girls Power (Instrumental) 04 Speed Up (Instrumental) DVD: 01 Girls Power (PV) 02 Girls Power (Dance version) 03 Girls Power (BTS) Preorder: CDJapan YesAsia HMV Amazon.jp _______________________________________________________________ Speed Up/Girl's Power [CD Only] first press limited edition C / 1,260 yen HQ Cover: SU/GP - Type A: 01 Speed Up (スピード アップ) 02 Girls Power (ガールズ パワー) 03 Speed Up (Instrumental) 04 Girls Power (Instrumental) CD Only: 05 Step (ステップ) (Japanese version) (First Press Bonus track) Preorder: CDJapan YesAsia HMV Amazon.jp _________________________________________________________________ Speed Up/Girl's Power normal version (limited edition C as soon as it's sold out start of production) /1,050 yen *will be constantly updated*
  10. It's a new year, a new hope,a new future. Let's strive the best

  11. Album

    I'd love to see Gaon's number more, but based on the hanteo number, the sales look promising.
  12. nerisssss!!! I'm late!! ;A; but happy belated birthday!!!

  13. Album

    Based on the teaser today, it looks like the teaser video will be released in 12.00 noon KST in Naver, and anytime later in DSP official youtube.
  14. Album

    ^ 3 out of the 4 songs are produced by Sweetune? That'll be a pure awesomeness!!
  15. Don't ever try to RUIN this beautiful family!

  16. Album

    I guess it's already stated that the mini album will consist of 5 songs, so minus the title track, there are 4 spots left, I don't think they will include the solo songs together in the mini album. As previous poster said, the will be a separate album for the solo songs.
  17. Even if the company is known, for broadcasting purposes, I'm sure she will not reveal which is the company. Feel bad for her and boo for the company. Even the goddess couldn't escape for the darkness of the industry, but glad she had overcomed it. And Nicole, despite of her cheerful side, she's struggling inside. Can't wait for the broadcast.
  18. Album

    Version A is so tempting!! 11 PV + 60 mins documentary + Photobook make it worth the price for collectors. Will saving a lot of money for this..
  19. Peach!! I miss you!! (although I always saw you in fb lol :P )

  20. owh you're yellow now.. :(

  21. Am I late? T.T Happy birthday mai!! ^^

  22. KARA new CF-Rohto C Cube BTS
  23. There's few article released after the article that you've mentioned about to prove that the rumour was false.. http://www.allkpop.com/2012/02/dsp-media-denies-earlier-reports-regarding-goo-haras-contract http://www.allkpop.com/2012/02/karas-goo-hara-re-signs-contract-with-dsp-media Have a good read, cause she'll not leaving DSP.