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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
      Park Gyuri: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/158-park-gyuri-solo-activities-motion-media/
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  1. i made a chibi kara comic im gonna post it soon..im also doing hyukri comic called "the promise" but don't get your hopes up to much!! lol it might be not that good but at least i'll try...LOL

  2. i watched hyukri 6 on youtube..i didn't know IU (eunhuyk used to like her..) and now his tooo gyuri...wat if they get another girl group member to guess weekly on sukira?? that would be just heart breaking! EUNHYUK your so easy to fall but pls don't let go of gyuri!! XD

  3. did you request anything? just give me the link of watever..btw i''ll be away for three days...........i won't be back til teusday..just leave me a good ol report if there is :D

  4. LOL that'll work you be the strong supporter..XD

  5. i drew another one its gyuri and jing thought!..watch it on my topic:D

  6. LOL i just found out that you already knew it!! AHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!! and you even know who picked it!! ok nevermind just read the imagination about eunhuyk..LOLOLOL

  7. o sweet of him she call her BROTHER :D (cutest) well shindong has a reason......................................... but it would be more awsome if it were from eunhyuk passed to shindong give to gyuri! LOL....i just love eunhyuk in that gift @ SST such a cute smile!

  8. LOL...i think you can go to imageshack.us so you can get a link and could post it in here..once you get there you'll know how!..anyways im so excited cause!!! SUJU's going to guest on dream team!! and eunhuyk is gonna play against his member!! how exciting is that!!!..ohh by the way shingding gave gyuri the cutes headphone i have ever seen lol, s

  9. OMG!!!! lol...its hard to draw comic so its gonna be long LOL...anyways i sign up to some drawing thing and draw this!! its suckish cause im drawing on the com!....http://www.ratemydrawings.com/drawings/animation/665527.html

  10. should i draw them like a chibi or not??

  11. oks ty...wait gimee a scence on sukira....

  12. LOL!! im like asking every hyukri fans for ideas and i don't even know how would i post it.......can u help me XD...im thinking of posting it at comix here in KH but...i don't know how to put it in here once i scan it... maybe i should put it at artroom???

  13. you are todally a hyukri fan so i want your suggestions on my up coming hyukri lil comic..:D

  14. HI HI! im makin a hyukri lil comic..wanted to know if u have any suggestiond ;)

  15. SUP! i want to make a lil comic for hyukri and wanted for hyukri fan like you to gemmi some ideas..TY

  16. HI!!! im thinking of making a lil comic thing for hyukri to post it here?? gimme some ideas OK?!

  17. Heyheyhey..i was thingking on making a lil comic to post here in KH about HYUKRI...any ideas on what im gonna draw??

  18. seriously shindong and eunhyuk should switch at least just for one day....and btw did u hear that shindong is planning on getting married this oct.??? awww good for him, on the other side wwish gyuri will attend too cause definetly eunhyuk is there! XD..*sigh* meemee wat should we do to get them on a show together??

  19. i hope not util next year! cause this is suppost to be their year! weve wait for toooo long!

  20. YOU are so right! its out crazy imagi!!! me too i used to be crazy to some celeb couple but not as super crazy bout hyukri..and u know what i dreamed many times about hyukri!!lol..i didn't know that you could want someone to be together so bad! *sigh*...i'll have faith and be patience :C.....i have the feeling that the next hyukri clash would be really long but

  21. LOL... welcome to hyukri fan club!....im a the promoter on the group so if u want something to spread really fast (only HYUKRI related) just tell me :D XD!! ohh and meemee is the reporter..so wat do u want to be? LOL

  22. i'll just keep it on my mind!!!.............AAAHHH!! man i feel like crying!

  23. ................im sad again :C omg i miss them AGAIN!!...i'll just think this way..eunhyuk probably text gyuri a happy b-day and some funny cute sayings or offscreen at dream concert *eunhyuk came to gyuri, gyuri-ya! gyuri: ohh (while smiling) eunhyuk: happy b-day!...saying it even other idols are there.....!!* KYA~~~ thats just part of my imagination theres more..but

  24. aaawwww its so mean! heechul's youngstreet is already sub..but sst not yet!!:C was sst there last recording????

  25. is i were to choose whoe's the prettiest in snsd that would be?....noone??LOL....while kara's member are all attractive *sigh* ppls eyes this days todally blind............