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  1. ME too can't wait..... my head stars to crack everytime trying to figure out why ppl say they are the pretties..they are pretty but ive seen so many girls who almost looked like them, to me they are just some other common girls but one thing is ppl are easily influenced by others opinion, obiously yonna is the most popular i mean who do u always get to see on scree the most?/ commonsense!&

  2. shing defending mood..srry gotta express it to someone...its off topic huh.. thats because im still waiting for DREAm CONSERT fancam..XD

  3. UGH!! *frustrated*......i like sandara cause she once was a pilipino celebrity but, nowdays some people use the word "GODDESS" to describe her which todally boils me..couldn't they use like "mother of beauty or princess??/ why do they have to use "GODDESS!!" if i hear somebody saying sandara is deserving to be called a goddess than gyuri ama turn into my ba

  4. 't help but fall for her (eunhyuk, kyu) LOL..need to do more observation to the guys around her...:) XD

  5. i know why guys that know gyuri offcam like her or might.......because she's not akward (very COOL) to be with unless your akward towards her, she's also like an omma very caring and her voice is very sooting, i think she's good to be with..thats why gyuri's secret guy admirer or secretly like her as a good friend is increasing!!!!! but ofcourse others just can

  6. OH NO you'll be just the SECOND happiest after me! XD..lets cross our fingers for a hyukri stalker!!!!!

  7. poor gyuri...they didn't time to celebrate her b-day because of dream concert..aww i really hope that theres a fancam only focus to eunhuyk or gyuri..XD seriously i want some interaction to happen. (im going crazy) lol..id' be so dissapointed it nothing happens :C

  8. you should make more and maybe we could as for it to put on our sid ;)

  9. LOVE ur sig! u did an awsome job!!!

  10. i didn't get to watch the whole bora so i skip to the group pic (ama watch it tomorow if i can) but i noticed that hyukri is aware of each others move, like when eunhyuk gestured to sit down cause they don't know where to stand gyuri also did the same, then it was gyuri started to maybe lean slighty at the back and eunhyuk also did the same with his arms crossed?? see if you noticed it too

  11. you could be right! but maybe he just miss gyuri and doesn't want her to be left out..anyways you said about something that eunhyuk mumble which part is it...and omg wish you imagination was TRUE!! ok back *watching*

  12. ly him (the back leather jacket)KYA~~ ama watch more!

  13. lol we made the same mistake gyuri to gyuri..anyways i wasn't really on the study mode....OMG!!!! *SCREAM AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS* lol pardon me cause im just watching it now but!! i can't continue to the other part cause i keep on repeating gyuri and eunhyuk's hand shake!! OMG OMG OMG i need togo to the hospital thats how affected i am! it was todal

  14. agree with hanhaekyu..so many spazzzzzzz....and ya its obvious that the members know....but ahem can't help but notice or think that kyu has a crush on her too...especially when gyuri made a mistake he was the one who answer first..but of course our hyuk mad her feel more better..

  15. ya i was thinking about that too..cause not everyone know about hyukri and wouldn't be so intrestead to check the topic out/.....so idk its up to u

  16. i saw the pic..eunhuyk's other arm is slightly touching gyuri's arm, thought eunyuk's pose is kinda akward lol...they seems tired....kyu and gyuri is also kinda bit close on the pic......but hyukri all the way XD

  17. HEyheyhey..its almost gyuri's b-day or is it her b-day today?? anyways hope eunhyuk will greet her or maybe just a secret text or something..but id be so happy if he'd greet her on sst or in public that way we'd know! RIGHT!! XD


    im going crazy!! seriously let add donghae and eeteuk to our fan list! lol...it doesn't matter as long as their close to each other (pic) man its to much but i want more!..omg eunhyuk why do u have to shake gyuri's hand? it makes us so happy thanks you!

  19. ooohh gyuri DID kinda joing shouting as shindong was raping but ofcourse her voice is kinda small but she's joining....

  20. YES! almost 12 can't wait to go home and do my observation...i'll do my reporting part later! XD gtg

  21. LOL thanks for acompanying me..but its nice that they don't get to see each other once in a while, so that when they get to see each other their (LONGING XD) for each other will go stronger!! LOL YES!

  22. from wat u and meemee are commenting it seems like eunhyuk missed gyuri so much and i bet also the same to gyuri! OMG this couple just makes me crazy!

  23. IDK..but i heared someone said her name after one of suju sang! i'll help u listen when i get home..continue

  24. its curly?? anways omg hope mbc really noticed sometin..keep on reporting pls..XD


    GO eunhyuk make gyuri drool(omg sounds like a perv.)..its good to see eunhyuk do the move first ^_^..is gyuri looking pwetty today????