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  1. she looks younger without makeup, it think this applys to most ppl.
  2. she's so hot when she does that.. Did some of her hair enter her mouth in the 2nd gif ? rofl
  3. Haha, Thanks for the compilation. appreciate it.
  4. Ahh the bonus gif, she did that to show Nicole how to do aeygo but turn out she got laughed at by Gyuri and jiyoung lol x_X thks for sharing
  5. So adorable Is that the same person who dance in Mister and Lupin ?? heh
  6. Well, very bold for Jiyoung to push her unnie's head without telling her beforehand.
  7. LoL, cant imagine a toned JiYoung doing aegyo
  8. First impression : Cute girl. And, woah is she really the maknae ? she is the tallest among them.
  9. yeah, the MV totally does not have any storyline. Not much dance moves either. But song is nice, and catchy.
  10. just a few of my frens. Most friends only know wondergirls, SNSD, SuperJunior.
  11. Lol, i can't believe that is gyuri. Looks cool though
  12. Hard to choose just one.. for me shld be Nicole and Seungyeon
  13. Lol yeah her signature move~ Really like the first gif. Her eyes were shinning~
  14. Hmm.. It'a a good change. She looks cute and girly with her long hair. But cute&hot and slightly more matured (in a good way) with her short hair. Love it.