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  1. Happy Birthday to our Goddess Park Gyuri
  2. Jun Ji Hoo And Park Gyu Ri From ‘Nail Shop Paris’ Show Off Cute V-Poses A picture of actor Jun Ji Hoo and Park Gyu Ri showing off cute V-poses was revealed on MBC’s Drama Net and MBC’s QueeN Drama Nail Shop Paris. The photo shows Jun Ji Hoo in matching jacket and knitted sweater, gazing at the camera together with KARA’s Park Gyu Ri wearing a purple color sweater. What especially caught viewers’ attention was the V-pose the two made — looking like a couple. In the show, Alex (Jung Ji Hoo) is still unaware that Yeo Joo (Park Gyu Ri) is actually a woman dressed in men’s clothing, and treats her like a younger brother. As the drama reaches its climax, Kay (Song Jae Rim) and Jin (Thunder) find out about Yeo Joo’s cross-dressing. Following this, it leaves viewers wondering when Alex will notice Yeo Joo’s true identity. Nail Shop Paris airs on June 7 at 11pm on MBC QueeN. cr : nate news
  3. Happy birthday Goddess Park Gyuri
  4. Merry Christmas!!

  5. unni~ farah nie..anyeong *waving*

  6. i just finished watching kara star interview and noticed this what happened to her arm... i have seen her bandaged fingers and arm before this..maybe our goddess too extreme LOL
  7. thanks chingu ^^

  8. wish u good luck!

  9. not sure yet..but really want to go..

  10. hi! going to MTV World Stage?

  11. hi...i from malaysia