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  1. It looks ~ok~ to me, but I can't say that I really like it. So I voted for No. Hara is much more beautiful without bangs
  2. Woow, they look so much alike... I shouldn't be surprised, they're sibling after all... but I am shocked XD
  3. Happy Birthday! ^___^

  4. ulek

    Happy Birthday:D

  5. Yesterday I watched first episode of this show with Lee Hyori - it was awesome! Hope 2nd episode will be as much funny as first But I will patiently wait for subs:] (Is there somone, who subbed this already and I don't know about it?)
  6. ulek

    thanks ^__^

    have a nice day too :*

  7. Seungyeon of course but Fany looks great too ^___^
  8. I love her new haircut! She looks totally sexy
  9. That was hard, but I chose brown. She looks a little prettier.
  10. At first I thought that she looks really mature on that gifs, but then I saw the "dancing gifs" and i LOL'd XD She is such a dork!
  11. Love her winks ^^ Thanks for sharing your gifs and photos:), I like the last photo, with a bunny outfit
  12. I think that she would be a great solo performer, but, still, I prefer her in KARA. Though, I vote for "Yes, she has the overall package!"
  13. Thanks for sharing! I'll take some:) Love the second to last gif:)
  14. It's hard to choose, but I guess I prefer sexy look, she looks just stunning!
  15. I'm curious how it'll sound, thanks
  16. I will take Chorus Ringtone, thanks!
  17. Lately i'm addicted to this song *_* Thank you so much!