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  1. happy birthday!!

  2. hi khara i haven't seen you around in a long time. happy birthday!

  3. Jinja?....That could be a really great news for all of us kamilias ^^ Cant wait for these albums^^
  4. ...i hope i was there to join that session T.T why im so unlucky T.T....Lucky to the japanese...
  5. Another great achievement from Kara^^... Im really happy that after all these years of hardwork. Kara is finally is gaining people interest from the world
  6. DAEBAK!! such a great news to know that Hammie had been fully recovered^^... Kara is back to live again with Hammie around^^
  7. wow goddess is taking part too... This must be a major event ^^... Gyuri should be dominating the stage by herself at that particular moment haha
  8. I wondering what was the song jumping gonna be like....it was more nice if they are in korean^^ Kara definitely can win over famous singer around japan
  9. I dint really know that Kara could be so successful until there is a need to buy a dorm at there... Its was really a surprise for me when i see this news.... I was like WOW...Kara Jjang^^
  10. wow...that a big event!!...even malaysia singer go there to perform...really unbelievable...This performance can be so huge!! since part of asia singer took part in it^^
  11. Wow...Kara Daebak!!!...Kara is the most best for me....Thats why they are climbing higher and higher among the idols^^
  12. Ow...Is it in korea version....it would be nice if it was in SEA version...cause im playing it^^
  13. Wah....It was so so so cute...OMG my heart just cant resist her cuteness after all ^^
  14. Thanks for sharing this news to us...Im really glad that even PD likes Nicole...I guess no one can resist to fell for Nicole?...