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  1. So old. Se is pretty make-up less. Her skin is nice! Even without make-up! Wowers! I am jealous.
  2. I have! in my dreams. Teehee. I'v always wanted to meet them. I hope they should do a tour in America. COME TO WISCONSIN! Lots of Kpop fans their. Kara; I wish they lived with me.
  3. Teacher? Teacher? Are you sure? Her teacher is pretty, too. I thought you couldn't take pictures with your teacher. Her teacher is youing looking! Oh my goshers.
  4. The new layout is great! It's sper beautiful! You gusy did such a wonderful job on the layouts!
  5. Hello there. Thanks for visiting my page.

  6. Hello there. Thanks for visiting my page.

  7. Aww. She's such a cutie. I really like her hair. She has such cute dimples.
  8. Nicole Unnie is so skinny~ Her abs are so hawt! My nose is going to bleed NONSTOP NOW!
  9. Hara's eyes are the prettiest. But then all of the girls' eyes are pretty. But I voted for Hara.
  10. Oohh~ the members on the forum that is loved most. You guys are so great! Making the forum look so prettY!
  11. Thanks for the rules. I promise to follow them and to not break any! And if I do. I am sorry. Karaholic Hwaiting!