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  1. do yu also love JeTi? <333

  2. yah. oni. :D im a jessica lover soo much. do you like JETI? LOL

  3. yeah! here it is! ARGGGHHH!!! IM SO DAAAAMNBNNNNN ANGEERRRRyyyyyyy! F**** THAT B8****** ! http://www.asianpopcorn.com/forum/home.asp?display=112278 im mad!!!!!!! ARGGGH!

  4. hey ive read some articles this day! and it is said that hyuk and hyoyeon from snsd are EXLOVERS!!! AND uNTiL NOW THEY ARE DATING! CMON AND SEE!!!! MY HEAD IS SOOOO !!!!!!!! URRRGGH! IM ANGRY!!!! CMON! EUNHYuk is NOW TAKEN! HYUK OWNS PRETTIER AND thats gyuL!!!!! oMG//!!!

  5. waaaa! a great help meeemeeee1!!!!! THAANNNKSSS!

  6. thankie vennie. :D

  7. woah thanks. can you gime the link? :D

    and yeah i watched your vid! omg.. i wanna cry..! :( HYUKRI PLEASE FIGHT! XD

  8. hi gyuri lover! me too. :D

  9. WAAAAAH! FELLLow GYURI LOVeR IN phiLS!!!!!!!! iM froM CEBu1 1 11111

  10. hey! did you visit the hyukri website?:D its hyukri.blogspot.com

  11. sure why not. ;o

  12. are you from phils? me to! XD

  13. WAH! thnaks .. .XD

  14. heyheyhey.

    look at my siggie.

    im the one who made that!! XD

  15. HEY ~!!! I REALLY lOVE IT!! <3

  16. hey deabak your evolving. xd

  17. ok ok. :D no problem pal. :D lets go sbox. xD

  18. haha. ok. from now on. ill call you caly. :D

  19. wehehe. 100% gyul lover :D just call me angel :D its my name actually. :D

  20. hey there uploader. XD

  21. congrattz kamila star. xD