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  1. Always! Hahaha! Especially if I'm in my own world (my room) I will play the music then choose KARA's songs then I will surely dance to them. Even though I don't memorize all the choreos
  2. I'll go with Seungyeon! Because I believe that she will take good care of me. LOL! And Hammie being cheerful and playful are just another factors. But seriously? I want all of them to be my husband. Hahahahahahaha!
  3. graphcis updated! in part2

  4. Kang Jiyoung ~ I'm also the maknae in our family and I licking my lips is one of my habits. Haha! Han Seungyeon ~ I also have smiling eyes. HAHAHAHA! (that's according to the people around me)
  5. Whenever I encountered anti-fans, I don't know but I just love reading their comments. Well~ I think it only means that I whatever they say about our girls, I will stay as a Kamilia *Bleh Anti-fans*
  6. I prefer more group activities because like what Strong Heart's MCs SeungGi and HoDong said when they introduced our KARA, "Girls who are more beautiful because they are together" )))
  7. I am a purely, die-hard, obsessed LOL Kamilia. hahaha! I just love being a Kamilia and I love KARA <3
  8. I want official tshirts. I would be a proud Kamilia when I wear it. MESSAGE BOOK! directly came from our girls' heart <3
  9. At first, I always focused my attention to Seungyeon But during the promotions of Lupin, the maknae stole the spotlight from Hammie. I still love our Hammie but recently, I enjoyed spazzing everything about Baby Jing
  10. It's no other than our fake maknae, Hammie I was mesmerized by her smile and eyes She has a big smile and her eyes will disappear. HAHA!
  11. I think they became more my inspiration Whenever I've been into something that I don't exactly know what I should do, I will just think of the times that happened to our girls (when Sunghee left KARA and Seungyeon did everything for KARA's name) I always end up thinking that, other people can survive in a problem, so do I.
  12. YES! it was one of my friends who have introduced me to KARA and because of that, we always talked about KARA even though we are with our other friends who are not into KPOP Because of the two of us, our other friends knew who KARA is. HAHAHA!
  13. I am a new fan I've only known KARA during their Pretty Girl days after watching the MV But I always wanted to be a fan of KARA4 even thought I'm already late I love Sunghee!
  14. Our Goddess! I don't know, I just felt that when I first saw KARA and then Gyuri, I thought that "this is definitely the leader"