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  1. we never talk before. dropping by just to say hello! hope you have a great day wherever you are. realised we join karaholic in the same month and year. just 5 days apart

    1. adlibruj


      Hi, thanks. Yes those were the good old days, I was here everyday watching Kara and all of the people comments. I still watch the old Kara videos and today I saw a Clip of Seunyeon new series where she is speaking English.

      Nice to hear from you. 

  2. I don't know. In order for them to reunite again as KARA, DSP will have to be involved since it is their brand, and they are already under contract under other agencies. So. I am not holding my breath.
  3. Wow, it's a sad day indeed. I've known these girls now for a long time. I'm into K pop because of them. They are ALWAYS going to be in my heart, I will always be a Kamilia and will always love KARA. Hasta siempre! My girls. 'till forever!
  4. WOW. A win is a win is a win. Always KARA
  5. Well Seung Yeon looked so cute and pretty and... just like the fake maknae she is
  6. It's a long way from where they started. Sometimes they had to change in the car. But, look at them now!
  7. Seungyeon!!! She'll be young forever lol... and cute.
  8. Hmm. I guess I'm off the loop. Being busy watching the new groups that have debuted. So the fans are divided, some don't like Young Ji, some like all five and some are here because of Joung Ji. I remember during the interview for Kara Project, the Babies were asked how they would feel by being rejected by some members. So they knew what was going to happen. They have being in business long enough. (DSP). Maybe we should just calm down and be patient, some people might change, not all.
  9. Why does a company has to spend five long years training an individual just to "discover" at the last minute that they don't really want her? Nobody deserves that. The companies should become more sensitive to the plight of their trainees. I hope that Sojin's Soul is at peace, the peace she couldn't find here on Earth!