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  1. Covers look awesomee!!! The KARA words looks the same font as in the Mister covers though. I think they just overlaid in the new photos above the old KARA words. =) Still... awesome awesome... can't wait... XDXDXD
  2. That is just awesome! Love how they are heating up Japan! XD
  3. These days it's Lupin... that's basically it. lol Used to listen to Mr. a lot too before this. But then made way for Lupin. Haha.
  4. Woots, I'm enjoying this show although I wish Nicole would appear more. XD Awesome pictures btw. XD
  5. Lupin all the way!!! XD Sorry to say, but the rest of the album didn't really catch me. It was okay, but Lupin is by far the best song in the album in my opinion.
  6. Hell yeah! XP (Not to say I was really that pissed off, but it just feels good to have Seungyeon saying something back... XD)
  7. It may be just me, but I think 8 episode is plenty. I'm confused on the poll choices though, is RAWR!!! the "I think it's enough" option or is it the Awooo...! ^^;; Anyway, it'll be great to see them on this show. Who knows, it may even be extended... XD (I saw a bit of the Wonder Girls one... it didn't seem that interesting to me then... but maybe I wasn't that big a fan of KPop then... ^^;
  8. And I was just reading up on Momusu the other day (I was actually comparing fan dances... ^^;... this is really spectacular... XD
  9. She seems bored in the first pic. ^^ Boom should've used these in the Strong Heart episode... XD
  10. Haha, I actually love that side of her. It cracked me up when I first saw it on SGB! XD
  11. I actually have to say I'm kinda disappointed in the song. I was kinda hoping for something a bit more different than the original 4Tomorrow song (I was hoping for a slow spin on it), but they just put a techno classical beat to it, which didn't at all sound that appealing to me. (Maybe spamming it more would change my mind... hmm...) Still, I liked her story MV. She looked awesome in it! And the barista pictures are cute. ^^
  12. Aww, they both just look so cute. I like that outfit.
  13. A serious mv would be nice. Something different from all the cute MVs would be refreshing.
  14. I would say Nicole. She's just so lively on and off stage. ^^
  15. I liked the orangy red one. But the Mister outfits are cool.
  16. YouTube. Although only recently I've been posting. Revolution just really made me want to know them more.
  17. I like AHA a lot, I always went back to it every time I listen to the album.
  18. Went with Hara. I think she's addictively charming.
  19. I would drink coffee just because of her. XD (I don't drink coffe... ) It's the 27th! Yay! (Now where do I go and see it? =.=)
  20. That would be the funnest thing to watch ever. ^^
  21. That was just so amusing to me. Kang HoDong is sooo in "trouble"...
  22. Metafriends is disappointing? That's... disappointing... I haven't watched it yet. ^^;; For me however, I think it's a matter of what the event is. For one, I really love Seungyeon's 4Tomorrow's CF (Which is out... soon? 27th... XD). And I am looking forward to seeing Hara'a Invincible Youth show. But these two are partly because they are paired up with other groups I care about. It would be nicer in my opinion if they did not all go off separately and like broke off into groups of 2 and 3 to do individual activities. Although ultimately, having all five on a show would be fantastic. Idol Show was brilliant to watch (I might complain that I think they should've had more guests on, and the season should've been longer) and was what actually made me want to watch more of them some more. This is all a very long-winded way just to say I'll be watching whether they are off individually or as a group. (Sorry... haha...)
  23. Nicole was the reason I got interested in SGB, so it's kinda sad to see her leave that show. (And Kim Jae Dong as well) But this seems like an awesome replacement! ^^ Nicole jjang!
  24. Hara looks like she'll be very active in this show. Seems like she'll be one of the very outgoing ones. It will probably be worth it for me to catch it just to watch Hara and SNSD interact. XD
  25. Okay, that's gotta be one of the more interesting things I've seen signed... ^^;;