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  1. hi Tom!

    1. Tomolo


      Hi T.T Thank you for stopping by!

  2. we never talk before. dropping by just to say hello! hope you have a great day wherever you are. realised we join karaholic in the same month and year. just 5 days apart

    1. adlibruj


      Hi, thanks. Yes those were the good old days, I was here everyday watching Kara and all of the people comments. I still watch the old Kara videos and today I saw a Clip of Seunyeon new series where she is speaking English.

      Nice to hear from you. 

  3. How are you Toh Jing Hen? You don't need to call me Hyung, you can call me by name. Though I am older in age, I still feel like I don't grow much frankly. I really hope sincerely you are alright on your side. For my side I am really affected by the Hara news being a Hara stan and lover. As for my real life that is another thing entirely. How I wish I am your age again.

  4. I am really late now by 4 years almost here. I am looking at this mammamia pictures. Hara is so gorgeous
  5. thanks for this post! I love Hara! I love her vampiress look here
  6. hello Nancy! I am missing this place

    1. AppleJaJing


      Hiya! Me too. I miss the good old days :(

  7. I miss seeing Hara old photos T_T which sadly is getting less here. hope you have a good day Jing Hen.

  8. I miss you so much! please come back with all the old pictures again. I wish to see them again T_T you always have epic updates.

  9. not sure if this would reach you. I spend time looking at 2014 Kara Mammamia photos. I would like to save them the best I can. There a couple of broken pictures links, so I am wondering if you still have those old Kara photos. I am missing old times which I had not saved the pictures. difficult for me to let go them. Still hard for me let go of any Kara experiences. I can only experience so much for the moment that time so I am not able to see all things or pictures.

  10. just seeing Karaholic and being me depressed. Sad seeing old picture disappearing.  I am depressed now in real life for real. I just wonder looking at disappearing Kara pictures that I am unable to save is just to let go and move on with life that is if I have real life to even begin now.

  11. I wish you were still updating Karaholics and karaholic videos.

  12. hi are you still around?

  13. Summer Hara brings out Hara sexiness out so much! This shoot was also part of her choco chip cookie shoot then. This freaking sexy Hara was a big shock to me then!
  14. i am hunting you are the photobox now Tom! damn wish I spend the 2014 with you T_T

    1. Tomolo


      hello, sorry it's been too long. The photobox?~ I am a proud owner of a decent collection indeed. There was no content I could pass by during my most active Kamilia days. Hope You're doing great! Take care. Hope to chat one day!

  15. hi! i am looking at KARA pictures you posted which I have missed during the time when I was away and feeling down. Everything may not be there anymore but it is nice to see some leftover. Thanks.  I just hope wherever you are, you can find your happiness even in simple things and mundane things. :) i am struggling alot myself now.