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Status Updates posted by iHeartBF5

  1. I have talked to you before on sbox xDD my nickname was ☆Iam7248☆

  2. Can you go to msn, pls?

  3. Happy Birthday!! have a blissful day~~ <3

  4. hello, how are you?

  5. ur welcome >///< any time

  6. Happy, Happy!! My 5 pretty babies are back! Best Nickuf Five are back and stronger than ever!

  7. Thanks I thought I unfollow you. phew~

  8. kkk anytime ^^ can u gimme ur twitter again?

  9. Sorry for late responds..anyway I dont have Facebook :(

  10. Twitter banned me T.T say bye to the others~

  11. Well have been really busy in the morning these days -_-' haha & trying to find a job before summer.. and you??

  12. If you want them more bigger tell me.

  13. haha thanks my love ^^ I apologize I totally forgot about ur background. I made one while ago and didnt remember so end up doing another one haha pick the one u like the most ^^ http://tiny.cc/vxp0d (800x800) *I like this one the most xD* & http://tiny.cc/f12l8 (800x800) Enjoy them ^^

  14. not i havent.. (sorry to replay late..)

  15. kukuku yes he is.. and sexy too! xD are you fan of them??

  16. noooooo~ I are not bordering me at ALL.. i said just in case you were waiting for it.. i made another one yesterday (see my twitter background) an i made yours but i really didn't like it lol so I'm gonna make it today again hehe.. can you see mine and tell me if you what it exactly or similar??

  17. but. but.. what happened to you?? school work??

  18. Hello.. were the heck you have been, huh? You left me alone in this cruel world T.T

  19. oohh so you were taking your physic..aaww hope you are ok now.. and not I'm not a fan of Arashi.. juts fan of Yun

  20. what is your fave color??