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  1. Long straight hair, I think that style really fit her face structure, she looks nice with it the long wavy hair w/ side bang is pretty too, but I think it makes her look a bit old
  2. OMG I love it when idols wear glasses they always look so nice with them whether it's sunglasses or the nerdy-type glasses, they seem to complement their faces so well Gyul looks so pretty in all the pics, especially the 2nd 1, just gorgeous
  3. She's so cute with all her hand gestures I wonder if she notices she's doing that, it could be an unconscious habit and, of course, her signature goddess pose it always goes together with her
  4. First of all: their dancing All their dance moves seem really basic or mediocre. I'd like to see something different, something that would give off a professional vibe. I know they have the ability to do more than what they're showing. Secondly, "the feel" When I see them perform, it often feels like they're just doing it to get it over with. It's not like they're not into the performance, and it makes the perf seem a little boring. I wish they would put more feelings into it Third is their vocals Especially Hara. Her voice isn't that strong, so she should work on it more.
  5. I believe it's Honey it could be because I've known this song the longest, so I play it more often than I do for other songs it is one seriously nice song
  6. I like Honey and Wanna Honey because it was the 1st MV of Kara that I saw, and it was what made me love them. The song is really nice and cute and all the members looks so pretty Wanna because they're all so bright and lively. And it has a summery feel, which fits perfectly with the time they released the song
  7. I'm not a huge Kamilia; I'm just simply a fan of the girls so I might not know everything about them, but from what I can see from the few times that I've watched their shows I don't think their bond is an act it's always like that, if a group doesn't exhibit their friendship or have skinship everywhere they go, people would immediately jump to the conclusion that the members are not close and that there are problems within the group no matter what, I believe in their bond and their fondness for each other
  8. She really does resemble them a lot!! Especially actress Yoo In Young I thought they were the same person when I first saw her in a drama XD hmmm, maybe this is a sign that Gyul could become famous in the acting area
  9. GOOD JOB KARA!!! I am soooo proud of them for making it to the no.1 spot there's tear in my eyes right now, I'm so happy for them Congratulation, unnie!!!
  10. This is such good news!!!! I feel like jumping up and down in excitement >.< Finally, after all these nerve-wrecking months with endless moments of rising tension, I can breath out a sigh of relief at last Thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful news!!!♥
  11. This piece of news really warms my heart and gives me a sense of security I hope everything'll be resolved quickly, and all 5 of them can resume their activities in Korea I miss seeing them perform on stage
  12. Back in the beginning of 2009, there was a lot of talk about Kara's Honey taking over Gee's consecutive no.1 spot I was new to Kpop then, so I decided to check out their Honey MV to see what the song is like and since that moment, I started to like Kara♥
  13. Yes they do!!!! I make it VERY clear that Kara is my absolute favorite girl group, and I often spazz about them at school so of course, my friends know about them
  14. I like all their images, but cutesy is more preferable for me cute things always appeal to me, it's one of my soft spots XD idol group image is no exception, I like it more than sexy image
  15. At first, I only paid attention to Gyuri because she was the only one I knew then, as I gradually got to know them more, I become to like Nicole's cheerfulness, especially after seeing her in Star Golden Bell