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  1. hi, i'm a hardcore fan of kara(4) too, how i wish sunghee to rejoin kara

  2. if sunghee rejoined kara, she would instantly legitimize kara's vocal prowess. instantly. yeah, some people might bash on her for hitching back onto kara only when they started being successful, but you do NOT miss a chance to (re-)add someone of sunghee's calibre, EVER. and plus, she'd silence her critics with her amazing singing anyway, so not like that's going to be a problem. and yeah, hara and jiyoung would feel like outcasts, but so what? maybe then it'd be a signal for them to do something about their singing. or at least try to bridge the enormous gap between themselves and sunghee. in short, I think it'd be great for me if sunghee rejoined kara.
  3. singing 1. sunghee - I'm sure this poll was for the current members of kara, but come on, putting sunghee at #1 was as obvious as knowing that every day of the week ends in Y. pretty much preaching to the choir. 2. seungyeon - she was kind of "meh" during kara's debut, but it's gradually improved to the point where she's the go-to girl for adlibs, as someone mentioned. 3. nicole - a number of people in the chatbox who think nicole has amazing vocals have obviously never heard of kim sunghee. she started off absolutely awful and banished to almost exclusively rapping, but she's definitely stepped up her singing game, just not enough to surpass seungyeon at this point. 4. gyuri - putting her at 4 is more of a personal preference ranking. you could easily rank 2-4 as gyuri-seungyeon-nicole instead of what I put down. the reason is as follows: I think gyuri sounds like she's not putting enough breath energy into her singing, so to me, she usually sounds out of breath. she sounded like that in 2007, she sounds like that now. that's why I put her below seungyeon and nicole. then again, I've never been a fan of gyuri's talking voice, so that also plays a role in my decision to rank her #4. 5 and 6. hara and jiyoung, in no particular order. they can sing on pitch, but come on, guys. singing is more than just hitting the right tune. dancing I really could not care less about dancing and choreography. all it takes is hard work and dedication to hit your steps and dance as a group. but it takes much more than that to sing.
  4. bar none, the greatest kara singer of all time. and the fact it took two people to replace one of her speaks volumes.
  5. In short, I'm a "sub"-fan. Kara was my group until Sunghee's departure. It took years for me to find another group that I could finally latch onto ( ), but during that time, especially within the last year and a half, with all the selcas and video files available at karaholic, I came to appreciate four-membered Kara more and more and realized how significant Sunghee's departure really was to the group. I have given new Kara several chances, though by actively trying to get into their music, and buying into the hype every time DSP promised "stronger" or more "mature" concepts. Aside from Mister and Lupin, for me, the group really haven't redeemed themselves musically yet; however, I'm just going to keep waiting until they release something so that I can finally re-like Kara.
  6. I'm sorry, who? if you have issues with someone on youtube, that's youtube. don't take it out on me. and how is it possible that one person stops someone from watching MVs...? you click, you watch. it's not that hard. @monkee - why not? because everyone else is showing kara5 videos anyway. the number of kara4 videos on here? three. I could follow the sheep, but then there wouldn't be any kara4 videos in this thread. edit: I digress, xichigo posted the 2007 selca playlist. anyway, moar kara4, break it edition: quite possibly their best break it live.... ....after this, of course. this hyori special stage will always be kara's #1 special stage, evar. and kara looking for new members once upon a time... because of the departure of a certain member, who sang this OST song as a trainee at the age of FIFTEEN.
  7. because mister doesn't have a music video for it.
  8. woah and I'm totally spamming you but I'm really bored right now and I hate econ and calc and they both need to diaf. :/

  9. except that's the time I thought you were a girl. oh, memories. haha.

  10. and WHOO I'm still on your profile 8D

  11. HI! haha i like never comment there except sometimes during FFAs. :3 except the kara/rainbow thing made me kind of sad but i was like oh yay look at all this kara support. haha. XD

  12. hai there, I see you on omona.

  13. they'd better have! (and they did) nobody is over a year old already....and in that time, being from north america, I have also had the misfortune of hearing it it non-stop in both korean and english. FML
  14. yeah, totally forget the fact that they were on infinite challenge and a bunch of other shows a gazillion times back in 2007, compared to their twilight zone post-departure. selective memory is selective, netizens.