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  1. Their concert date is on my birthday! Too bad I have school or else I'd fly over to Korea. Boo :/
  2. happy birthdayyy(:

  3. awww it's ok. a part of me dies everytime i spend money :( i'm glad that you're doing fine(:

  4. take a leap of faith. be daring. be the change.

  5. x] i've been good. working at school every day, it's a poop honestly. how are youu!

  6. tehehe. you're awesomeo-er :P

  7. I love you hasomy. You've made my craptastic night tons better with this news!
  8. Thank you so much Yoo and hasomy. I hope both of you guys get the rest that you need. Reading this, I don't know what to say :/ I'll just wait and hope for the best.
  9. have no fear. take a deep breath and have trust.

  10. Girlgroup KARA is doing well up Japanese music chart Oricon chart and gaining popularity in Japan. KARA’s first Japanese single title song ‘Mister’ is ranked #10 on Oricon daily chart on 5th September. It is just 5 days after the song first entered the chart top 10 rankings on 31st August. The girls have been climbing up the chart at a steady rate for about 1 month. The girls were already given the green lights when they first entered the chart at #5 on the day ‘Mister’ was released which was on the 11th. Even though they had fallen down to the #29 rankings, with the great interests of Korean girlgroups, they have started climbing up the charts again. Meanwhile, KARA has set a new record as a Korean girlgroup on Oricon charts. They had entered the weekly chart at #5 on the day of their single release as a foreign girlgroup, the last time another foreign girlgroup had entered at top 10 rankings was 30 years ago. S: MTStarNews Credits: KBites This is the ranking of Mister according to Jpop Stop I tried typing it out, but it didn't work so I just wrote it in Excel for the charting munchinghippo's translation
  11. i miss talking to you!

  12. As expected. I've seen Koda Kumi release like this, releasing a single and then her album. It works because that's how they milk money. It makes everyone's wallet's cry. I must say I would've rather they release Jumping, see how it charts for a week then release an announcement. Either way, I believe UMJ is playing their cards right. They definitely know what they're doing. Just watch and see, after KARA's 3rd Japanese album, there'll be another best but that's a long way from now. I wish the first press of their albums included posters as well, that would've been so awesome. Dang UMJ you better start releasing better first press items like NOW >=o
  13. Gong Yoo as well? OMG! Thanks for translating, this really made my day lol (:
  14. Thanks for translating this (: I was hoping that Jumpin' would be a new Japanese song but I guess there'll be a Korean and Japanese version? Interesting tehhe.
  15. Single

    ngl, I'm still amazed at how steady KARA has been charting. Granted there are huge drops, but their weekly rankings have been impressive along with their sales.
  16. Can the mini please have a song where Gyuri raps? Please DSP. YAY for comeback, but I'm assuming this "end of September" really means somewhere in October.
  17. Single

    I must say I'm surprised that KARA is doing this well. I predicted that their first week sales would be somewhere around 15k and debuting somewhere closer around 9/10 on their first day. With In-In's numbers of the total sales so far, it was really surprised me. At this point I'm guessing around 25k for their first week of sales. I'm so proud that the girls haven't had a huge drop or anything of that sort. It went from 5-6-5 is a bit surprising. I just hope that with the weekend around the corner, maybe they will jump up another rank
  18. epic. i love how you replied on your own page. kids are gross and i'm glad that you're really excited for the sleepover. i think you choose an essentially healthy decision in terms of leaving and getting back on your feet. i must say i miss you, but i'm happy that you're happy and excited again. more energy now and regular sleep times yes?

  19. i'm good. i have about 4 more weeks of school left then i graduate and am off to college in august.

  20. yeah and throw away that bag with my addy ASAP thanks. you scared the bajesus outta me.

  21. oh my word you responded! how are you :D

  22. ahaha HI NICOLE! well i'm glad that you're starting to go out now 'cause that is healthy (: i hope you're having a great time going out. although iono how you handle kids D:

  23. haejin~ i miss talking to you!