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  1. I'm excited for gekidan hitori san....hehe. The girls look great.....lucky Japanese fans.....<3
  2. That's why I love her.....honest and not pretending to be nice all the time. Some people would hesitate answering but she didn't. Gyuri jjang!!!!!!
  3. oooo....I really wish I can go....happy to hear that the fans exceed expectations. Excited for gekidan hitori as well....woot!
  4. Hahahahaahahahhahahaha~~~~~~ the unnies are so funny!!!!
  5. Yaaa~~~ daesung-ah, I'm sure he would like to msg her more.....hehe (wishful thinking). Jiyoung is getting more & more famous now....Jiyoung hwaiting!!!
  6. Wow.....i didn't know about this. For me, plastic surgery is personal issue. Who are we to judge? Glad that she lets it all out~ hehe.....Goo Hara Hwaiting!!!
  7. OMG!!! (Shorry J's style)....haha. So happy for them~ more awards! they all looked amazing especially nicole and gosh jiyoung looks so tall there...=)
  8. So proud of them.....KARA is on the way to the top....and I'll be there when they do....=) KARA hwaiting!!!
  9. Omo~~~ so cute.....sounds so Jungmin....Kara SS501 hwaiting!!!!
  10. I'm still hyped about SS501 and Kara...now this?? so excited about this!!! I love how jiyoung screamed when she stepped out of the vehicle....haha. Cute maknae!!! joon was so shy....urgh~~ can't wait!!!
  11. Congrats KARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that they won....they had an amazing year and hopefully a better year next year. Jjang!!
  12. Happy to hear this. I'm sure they'll be loved. Who wouldn't? hehe.....Hopefully there's a camera following Gekidan-san meeting them...that'll be fun to watch. Congrats KARA!!! and Kamilia worldwide for spreading their love~~~
  13. "I still remember the negative comments I saw after my debut. I even remember the authors
  14. Oh gosh! i got goosebumps just thinking about mice. But my level of respect for her just increased. U go Girl!! haha~