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    Third Floor Girls Restroom in Heavenly Host Elementary School. Keeping Seiko company.

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  1. Hey miss you ! please chat with us on sbox !

  2. Here is your last chance to finish your message to Gyuri and Seungyeon! Please complete it by tmr!

  3. LOL. Love you Caly! :D

    "Hate" and ":D" don't go well!! :D

  4. Is yer birthday! :D Happy Birthday!! :D:D:D

  5. On my playlist right now.... It's STEP. XDD Got 400+ play count. Next is Go Go Summer, JCL, Ima Okuritai Arigatou and Mister (Japanese). Maybe because I'm more on the jpop scene and I consider KARA as under the jpop category. LOL.
  6. ^ That is so heartbreaking. I can't. It literally shocked me. o.o I didn't know her condition is worse. DD:
  7. Seeing that Nature Republic pic... I suddenly missed Jing's long hair. :< And Jing having a new drama... Yay~ Though I'm wondering how will she get to balance her studies, her drama filming, her IY 2 sched and KARA promotions....
  8. Haha np, your name is Danica right? I'm not sure sorry x__x