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  1. i'm lost without you~

  2. hey just dropping by to say i totally loved your cover! awesome job! :)

  3. Kara, with their amazing activities through their current popular hit <Pretty Girl>, revealed a tearful embarrassing story. Guest starring as the loving cousins on SBS's "Good Daddy" starring Kim Gunmo, Kim Hyungbum, Yoo Seyoon, Kim Heechul and Lee Hongki, Kara claimed that "we are the saddest people out of everyone here," describing their sad experience. Kara's Han Seungyeon said "there's no one sadder than us here. Even though we're singers with three albums out already, still no one can recognize us. Even if we have makeup on, people asked us where the Wonder Girls' office was." Then next to her, Lee Seungshin answered, "it's been 15 years and still no one knows me," which caused the room to erupt into laughter. Kara and Lee Seungshin's embarrassing experiences will be aired on the 17th at 5:15pm on SBS's "Good Daddy." ***** Link: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=200901161451291001 Tip-Off: Mae Translated by: Tinggg @ KARAholic Take out with full credits when redistributing!
  4. Shin Haechul said, "I'm a fan of Kara's Koo Hara." Shin Haechul was on SBS Power FM's "Park SoHyun's Love Game" on the 6th with his fellow group members from Next. "Next wants to invite all the members of Kara to form a 10 member team. We recently were on an entertainment program with Kara. After seeing Kara's candor my ideas have changed to this," he said. In the past, Shin HaeChul had often mentioned that he was a fan of hoobae singers SNSD. Thus another Next member asked, "Are you going to betray SNSD?" and he responded, "I already have. I changed a long time ago. All the members are really pretty, but out of them, the one who looks like Namie Amuro, Koo Hara is really cute. That's the reason I changed from SNSD." Last year Kara's main vocalist Kim Sunghee left the group, and thus Kang Jiyoung and Koo Hara joined the group to change them from a 4-member to a 5-member group. Last December's 2nd mini album's "Pretty Girl," with its cute dance and ear-satisfying melody, has been receiving a great reaction both on and offline. ***** Link: http://isplus.joins.com/enter/star/200901/...0002010401.html Tip-off: Anne Translated by: Tinggg @ KARAholic Take out with full credits. Do not add in or remove anything else.
  5. IU's popularity has been sky-rocketing recently, and she finally received affirmation. On SBS Inkigayo on the 19th, IU received the mutizen award, which is her first solo award. [
  6. The music world's new hot shot girl group Kara's popularity is hot. They took first on cable channel Mnet's M!Countdown on the 5th with their song <Honey>, and on the 8th also nabbed the mutizen award on SBS's Inkigayo. With their first time as #1 within their two years of debuting, they shared lots of tears of joy with their fans. What is the reason for Kara's popularity march during the beginning of this year. We heard from various people that are close to them about their charms. The people said that Han Seungyeon and Park Gyuri's charms are completely opposite. Netizens often talk about her babyface, and someone said "she has an undecorated (or innocent) charm. Because of her snug little height and cute image, she especially has a lot of 'uncle' fans and soldier fans. In reality, whether it's those surrounding her in the industry or male fans, they feel closer to her because she looks so young, and treat her like a younger sister. That, they say, is her strength. On the other hand, leader Gyuri, they say "grabs the center of attention as the leader with her mature look. Also recently on radio shows she's been able to show her talking ability." Recently as a guest on various radio programs, she's been able to distinguish herself. Also on <Star Golden Bell> and other programs, her self-proclaiming "Goddess" term showed off her colorful talking ability, gaining a lot of popularity. Recently on KBS 2TV's <Star Golden Bell> segment "Level With Me" we've been able to see a different sort of innocent charm in Nicole. Since she had been living in the US for a long time, her way of speaking seemed really strange, but on the contrary, the public liked her innocence and so she received a good reaction. "Although her Korean isn't that great, she tries so hard and so people love her for it." Since the two new members, Koo Hara and Kang Jiyoung just joined last year, it was natural that fans were very interested in their personalities. As to Hara, "her blank expression and her many peculiarities make Hara really 4-dimensional. Her beautiful and yet undecorated image is her strong point." Her big eyes and her exquisite features have caused fans to coin her "doll-like" and can see her various images not only on the stage but also on various broadcasts, giving people a more intimate feeling. The definite maknae Jiyoung, who was still in middle school last year, receives a lot of love from fans and the other members. "Her baby-like muttering fits her age in its cuteness." Jiyoung, who co-hosted MNet's <Jpop Wave> with Seungyeon>, was able to execute perfectly despite her young age, and we await higher praises for her in the future. ***** Link: http://star.moneytoday.co.kr/view/stview.p...1&outlink=1 Link: Mae Translated by: Tinggg @ KARAholic.com Only take out with FULL CREDITS! Do not add in or remove the credit lines!
  7. Kara's Nicole: "I want to be like Lee Hyori Sunbae" Kara's Nicole, who has been promoting their 2nd album, chose Lee Hyori as the sunbae she wanted to be most like. On the upcoming episode of "Star English" on channel EBS airing on the 24th, Nicole will talk about her student years in the US and how it led up to her becoming a singer. Born in Glendale, California, Nicole arrived in Korea 3 years ago to become a singer. "While I was in school I was really into sports, choir and orhcestra. As I got older, I slowly began dancing a lot as well." Then she submitted a personal video of her singing and dancing through the internet to the management company and thus debuted. "The best part about coming to Korea was meeting great companions. It was hard going to school and also being an entertainer, but people helped me overcome the difficulties." When asked the question of entertainers she looked up to, she chose Lee Hyori without hesitation. "She becomes a pro on stage, but I like her offstage candid image. I also want to become a singer like that and be with fans for a long time." In addition she chose Rain as the singer she wanted to perform with, and revealed an episode about when she saw a Rain performance before her debut. In discussing her recent slim figure and good shape, "I did the Danish diet," she said. "I want to show fans a great image." In discussing the "Girl Group Golden Age," she said that Kara's charm is that they give off a close, intimate feeling. ***** Link: http://spn.edaily.co.kr/entertain/newsRead...DirCode=0010301 Link by: Mae Translated by: tinggg@karaholic.com * Picture Credit: as tagged.
  8. Kara's Han Seungyeon revealed her unique wish for 2011. On the 18th's broadcast of KBS Entertainment Relay, Seungyeon said, "I hope I don't fall in 2011." Because of her fall on stage, Han Seungyeon had been nicknamed "Faliing Seungyeon." Kara has been concurrently promoting in both Korea and Japan. "[During the guerilla concert in Japan], too many people gathered so that we had to get out of there in just three minutes. We were able to feel our sense of popularity." Link: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201012182219021001 Translated by: tinggg Tip by: Twiddle_
  9. interesting request...hahaha well i'm the only one in the band that knows a lick of korean...which would mean me singing the whole thing...so...but haha i will definitely keep it in the back of my mind ;)

  10. haha it's doing alright...i went with one of my bandmates to sam ash today to browse around for ideas and stuff...so we're chugging along haha...we're gonna perform as guests at our friend's senior recital next month so planning for that in the short-term :P did you go like our page on fb yet? keke

  11. Female Idol Kara, Nicole's Sudden Kiss was a "Silly Surprise" Popular group Kara's Nicole got a sudden kiss from a male student at Sejong University. It happened after Sejong University's "gag gang" students did a performance of "soccer king shoot-dori." After the students showed their talent, they had a plea for Kara's Nicole. Since it was directed to just Nicole, she was surprised, so after a pause the male student just went and gave a sudden kiss to Nicole. Nicole was so shocked that she jumped around the stage, and could not hide her surprise. Not just Nicole, but no one could have predicted this would happen, all the audience at Sejong University were shocked, too. The other Kara members had to console her. Nicole said on <Star Golden Bell> "that she never had a boyfriend before." With this surprise kiss, we could see Nicole's cute surprised expression. Nicole's shocking kiss incident can be seen on KBS's <Road Show Quiz Expedition - Sejong University> at 10:45am on the 15th. The male student who kissed Nicole was the 2nd round winner of <60 second showdown>. ***** TWO UPDATES! 1) Kara's Nicole's Kiss during Broadcast... "Can't believe it" Girl group Kara (Park Gyuri, Nicole, Han Seungyeon, Koo Hara, Kang Jiyoung)'s member Nicole (Jung Nicole) received a sudden kiss during a broadcast. It happened on the 15th's KBS <Road Show Expedition>. That day, a student who was performing a talent for Nicole, took advantage of a pause and gave a sudden kiss to her. It wasn't on the lips, but on the face, and afterwards many fans went to Nicole's homepage and wrote "I can't believe it," watching the guy with envy. 2) 'Kara's Nicole's Sudden Kiss?' Fans "panic and can't calm down" On the 15th's broadcast of KBS variety show <Road Show Quiz Expedition - Sejong University Edition>, one of the guest performers gave Kara member Nicole a sudden kiss. The 15th's Sunday morning broadcast of <Road Show Quiz Expedition> showed a male gag student from Sejong University doing his talent for Nicole, and then he had a plea. He took advantage of a pause and ran over to Nicole and gave her a sudden kiss. Of course it wasn't on the lips but rather on the face, but Nicole was shocked and jumped around, and the rest of the Kara members had to help her regain her senses. Viewers wrote on the website "The sudden kiss was too much," "who's going to be responsible" and other reactions were seen. One reaction wrote "The kiss was unreasonable. You can expect a lot of arguments around it from viewers." Meanwhile, this episode of <Road Show Quiz Expedition> introduced new MC Leeteuk from Super Junior, which has also been quite a topic. ***** Link: http://www.bizplace.co.kr/biz_html/content...code=&code= and http://www.frontiertimes.co.kr/news_view.h...=65&ss_id=0 and http://sstv.freechal.com/News/Detail.aspx?...1&pSn=45121 Links by: Mae Translated by: Tinggg @ KARAholic.com Take out with full credits when redistributing. Do not add in or remove the credit line! ======================================== The Kiss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT-U8Edmg5I Hara looked like she wanted to hit the guy. lol
  12. puahaha i don't think you were ever immature...i dunno why you think that -_- but i'm glad we made it to chapter two lol...but why aren't you gonna go see ur hubby? it's like so important!! go rob a bank =X or do some babysitting...i know you'd never ask me but there's always that option haha

  13. LOL i thought we already knew each other...i guess we are "re-getting to know each other" :P and yes i'm still very much obsessed with yoona...pretty addicted to a few tv shows but they're all on summer break so it's like super boring right now :( and it just means we're more picky about our men...nothing wrong with that :P

  14. lol yeah me and my sis wanna go back to the theater and watch it a second time...this time in 3d :D hopefully we get to...any specific movie you like from the ones you are watching with those actors?

  15. puahahah you should totally do that hahaha...i don't watch many movies, but i just watched kung fu panda 2 and it was AWESOMEEEE you should go watch it :D

  16. puahaha ok maybe i can write you a poem someday when i'm bored :P meanwhile do let me know how the new job goes!! =) and yeah it's hard to keep up with stuff anyhow...what else are you watching?

  17. lol it was up to you if you wanted to rhyme that :P and nope not even a boyfriend yet...or even anyone i like...so you just keep waiting patiently dear :P you still been working late?

  18. D: let's change a word...i can't think of anything clever to continue lolol let's start fresh....ermm...how are you?

  19. that's my style~ ;)