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  1. omg hello Betoza! welcome to the thread!!! no one had replied so long after we started the thread i semi-gave up on it, haha. but so glad you joined the wanker party ;)

    drifting flowers! i swear i just read a synopsis about that in curve mag...i want to see it though. any idea where i can watch it? so far i've pretty much just been going through whatever i can find on netflix, and there aren't that many asian lgbt films on there, maybe cuz they're too indie? but if you can direct me to where i can find it online, i'd love to watch it!

    anyone out there watching lost girl? my gosh this season has made a mess of my feelings lol

  2. Hello fellow KH Kamilia! I noticed that our forum didn't have an LGBT thread, so I figured it was about time we started one! So welcome all my Rainbow friends and allies! :)

    I know that not everyone may have come out or would be comfortable posting in a public forum, but I thought starting this thread would be fun for anyone to discuss fun topics like music and movies or serious ones, like bullying, gender equality, etc. Having come out fairly recently, I know how important it is to know that there is support out there and others who understand what you might be going through. So I guess this is my way of giving back! Please feel free to PM if you aren't comfortable posting publicly as well, I'd like to help out as much as I can. :)

    By the way, I was a former admin, and know the current admins well, so if anyone takes advantage of this thread and posts anything hateful here, that will NOT be tolerated. Please be respectful--just move on to the next thread if you are uncomfortable here. Thank you! :)

    So I guess I'll start with a quick introduction! I grew up and still reside in sunny California (ok it's raining today but whatever), and now work in Southern California. Met a lot of awesome friends through KH and have been a proud Kamilia since 2007! Currently doing a big movie marathon and my recommendations so far...

    Saving Face: This is my favorite and really great movie especially if you are Asian since it goes through a lot of those ethnic issues. Very thankful to who recommended it to me, you know who you are. ;)

    Imagine Me & You: This along with I Can't Think Straight are both really great rom coms if you're looking for a feel good movie. After watching IM&Y your new favorite phrase will be YOU'RE A WANKER NUMBER NINE ;)

    Fingersmith: This is good if you're looking for a GREAT STORY. Bought the novel afterward and am reading it now, Sarah Waters' novels are pretty great in general if you are more of a reader. :)

    Ok there's a bunch more, but this post is getting long...so I'll continue my movie reviews in future posts HAHA.

    Looking forward to meeting you all! <3

  3. On a recent Japanese show that Kara was on, they revealed certain trainees of DSP Media.

    That day, Kara revealed their practice room while some trainees were practicing. Kara introduced them as the company's trainees, and they all greeted the camera.

    Netizens reactions included "We're curious what sort of team it'll be", "Could they be preparing a 7-member male group?", "Wish we could see more", "Hope they debut soon."

    Link: http://news.nate.com/view/20101221n24354

    Translated by: tinggg

    Link by: stevenstanley


    Hop over to stream or media box if you didn't catch this ep!

  4. Kara is the first Korean girl group to reach "Platinum" status for an album in Japan.

    Recently Japan's record hubs disclosed that Kara's debut song <Mister> has reached platinum status in downloads. This year's K-pop boom in Korea has led to Kara being the first Korean girl group to reach this status.

    Platinum status is reached after hitting 250,000 in sales. This reflects how big of a hit <Mister> was in the mobile market. The song sells for about 4,000 Korean Won, which is truly impressive.

    In the album department, Kara's first full-length album "Girls' Talk" also has a potential of reaching platinum status. Oricon chart has its sales at about 180,000 within the first month, and they project that within the first half of 2011, the album should be able to reach platinum status.

    Aside from <Mister>, Kara's 2nd single <Jumping> has had over 100,000 downloads and has achieved gold status.

    Kara's two singles, <Mister> and <Jumping, plus their Korean Best album and their first full length puts them at 450,000+ sales since their debut, and adding their other items, they're nearing 500,000 in total sales, garnering 18billion Korean Won.

    Link: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201012211214541002

    Translated by: tinggg

    Tip by: atl2006

  5. Whether it's record sales or mobile sales, Kara achieved an electrifying all-kill in Japan music charts.

    It was recently revealed that Kara achieved an all-kill on Japan annual charts for #1 rookie. Based on all the sales, Kara was ranked the #1 newcomer and also was in the top 10 amongst all singers for the year.

    On Dec 20th, Oricon revealed that Kara's music sales were #1 amongst newcomers this year. "Debuting in August of this year with the hip dance, Kara's 2 singles, <Mister> and <Jumping>, Korean album and first full-length album, plus DVDs - totaling 8 items, sold 493,000 copies total and garnered 13 hundred million Yen." This was 10 times more than other rookies in 2010. They appear to be unrivaled in the newcomer market. Furthermore Kara's first full-length album <Girls' Talk> is nearing the 200k mark within one month, truly securing their place in the industry.

    In addition to record sales, Kara has also been doing well in mobile downloads. Japan's mobile site Recochoku recently selected Kara as this year's top rookies, since they were #1 on charts such as ringtone downloads and music video. Kara was also voted as #5 on this year's MVP artists poll.

    On Dec 9th, Japan's iTunes chart revealed that <Mister> was #14 on its annual chart. It's the highest rank out of the rookies this year.

    In addition, Kara did well in USEN's rookie rankings. USEN recently revealed that <Mister> was ranked #18 for the year. USEN looks at hit song rankings, song requests and broadcasts to measure their overall ranking.

    In truth, Kara hardly seems like rookies in the Japanese music industry. Kara is already receiving top-star level treatment in Japan with a very promising future. There are also rumors that broadcasting companies and commercials are all competing to get Kara on their show or advertisement.

    Aside from just these numbers, public sentiment also reflects an explosive level of popularity. Japan's biggest mobile phone has selected Kara to be the main characters in a drama that will be aired in January to launch their phone model "au." There are also plans for Kara to be the main characters in a game that is being created by a famous game company. Japan's Karaoke charts have Kara's <Mister> ranked as the #1 song for the months of Nov and Dec, revealing Kara's popularity potential.

    Link: http://news.nate.com/view/20101220n09026

    Translated by: tinggg

    Tip by: Xaviera

  6. Kara's Han Seungyeon revealed her unique wish for 2011.

    On the 18th's broadcast of KBS Entertainment Relay, Seungyeon said, "I hope I don't fall in 2011." Because of her fall on stage, Han Seungyeon had been nicknamed "Faliing Seungyeon."

    Kara has been concurrently promoting in both Korea and Japan. "[During the guerilla concert in Japan], too many people gathered so that we had to get out of there in just three minutes. We were able to feel our sense of popularity."

    Link: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201012182219021001

    Translated by: tinggg

    Tip by: Twiddle_

  7. Kara's fantasy-like beauty has been heating up the hearts of "uncle" fans.

    On SBS Inkigayo on Dec 19th, Kara wore shiny hot pants and long black boots, which reflected Kara's unique energetic style. In addition, the frills on their shirts further enhanced Kara's dynamic dance, which made the stage even brighter.

    Title song "Jumping" takes 80's euro pop and combines it with modern pop sound to create a new style of song that sings about the feelings of someone who wants to "jump" back in time to when she was still with her lover. The song's fast beat and sad lyrics matched with the airy melody creates a refreshing charm to the music industry.

    Link: http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1292745732114408010

    Translated by: tinggg

    Tip by: Twiddle_

  8. Anyone into personality tests? Myers Briggs is my favorite...I love reading them and analyzing them. ^^ Share yours!

    If you don't know yours, you can take the test here: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp

    There are lots of other sites out there as well, just search Myers Briggs. :)


    I am ISFP! What are you?

    btw after you get your result, read about your personality here: