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  1. i'm lost without you~

  2. hey just dropping by to say i totally loved your cover! awesome job! :)

  3. interesting request...hahaha well i'm the only one in the band that knows a lick of korean...which would mean me singing the whole thing...so...but haha i will definitely keep it in the back of my mind ;)

  4. haha any requests? :P

  5. haha it's doing alright...i went with one of my bandmates to sam ash today to browse around for ideas and stuff...so we're chugging along haha...we're gonna perform as guests at our friend's senior recital next month so planning for that in the short-term :P did you go like our page on fb yet? keke

  6. puahaha i don't think you were ever immature...i dunno why you think that -_- but i'm glad we made it to chapter two lol...but why aren't you gonna go see ur hubby? it's like so important!! go rob a bank =X or do some babysitting...i know you'd never ask me but there's always that option haha

  7. LOL i thought we already knew each other...i guess we are "re-getting to know each other" :P and yes i'm still very much obsessed with yoona...pretty addicted to a few tv shows but they're all on summer break so it's like super boring right now :( and it just means we're more picky about our men...nothing wrong with that :P

  8. lol yeah me and my sis wanna go back to the theater and watch it a second time...this time in 3d :D hopefully we get to...any specific movie you like from the ones you are watching with those actors?

  9. puahahah you should totally do that hahaha...i don't watch many movies, but i just watched kung fu panda 2 and it was AWESOMEEEE you should go watch it :D

  10. puahaha ok maybe i can write you a poem someday when i'm bored :P meanwhile do let me know how the new job goes!! =) and yeah it's hard to keep up with stuff anyhow...what else are you watching?

  11. lol it was up to you if you wanted to rhyme that :P and nope not even a boyfriend yet...or even anyone i like...so you just keep waiting patiently dear :P you still been working late?

  12. D: let's change a word...i can't think of anything clever to continue lolol let's start fresh....ermm...how are you?

  13. that's my style~ ;)

  14. wait that doesn't rhyme hahaha i thought we were rhyming...lolol

  15. last one!!! happy biiiiiiiirthday :P

  16. hahaha nice to meet you then!!!! thanks a bunch for the bday wishes!

  17. haha thanks again!!! rock those finals!

  18. haha thanks again grandson! :)