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  1. So .. this means that KARA will be disbanned? I hate this, there's to much problem with Korean management, why can't they be a one solid team with the artists?
  2. ^ It's a lie .. I don't know about the NEWS drama, but AKB's Majisuka Gakuen 1st episode rating is 4.1% with total avg. 3.7%
  3. DVD

    What's up guys, I haven't been here for a while .. About this drama .. I gotta agree with xichigo. Watching URAKARA is embarrassing, I don't want to ruin their image in my mind by watching it. So.. I'll skip this drama. It's beyond great that they get 4.2% for this 1st episode. They just need to keep it above 3% for the rest of the episodes.
  4. Tokyohive article http://www.tokyohive.com/2010/11/karas-new-album-girls-talk-breaks-6-year-old-record-in-japan-sells-over-100000-copies/ Congratz girls, and also all the team behind this success!!!
  5. Single

    What I know is that RIAJ certification is for shipment, not for number of copies sold. So I think both Jumping and Girls Talk will get gold cert. next month.
  6. Lol.. I don't get it what make Fudanjuku sales jump like that to become #1 And.. anyone notice there are three 48s group on top 10 Wait for tomorrow's good news ..
  7. An epic album deserves an epic sales .. Sunday sales usually get some boost. So this might be the real first 100k 1st week sales.. get it girls ..
  8. Spazz

    Actually, it's kinda unfair if Kara get invited. Great artists like AAA and Kana Nishino took years before this year first performance. Kara need to get #1 on Oricon single/album first. About Leah Dizon, she actually in one package with AKB48 and Shoko Nakagawa in new comers performance. Seems like she never invited as a solo singer.
  9. Look at oricon daily chart http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/ja/d/ that numbers are official although today sales should be more make sense than yesterday. What usualy happen on Oricon, early/tuesday debuting single sales are added to wednesday sales number and we have the usual first day sales. But that's an exception for this week where yesterday/tuesday sales are counted as official numbers on the same day because of today is Japan labour thanksgiving day. I think tuesday + wednesday(today) sales numbers are what we usualy known as 1st day sales numbers.
  10. But compared to single sales, album seems .. low? Idk, wtf with the sales this week since YUI, T&T and UVERworld are lower than SDN & Idolling. Let see tomorrow sales ..
  11. Single

    KARA's Mister and AKB's Heavy Rotation, are the singles with the most amazing long run this year. Only 3 weeks left for yearly chart, can Mister pass 100k? Heavy Rotation has passed Arashi's Troublemaker and get #2 for yearly chart.
  12. Single

    ^ Around 15, middle of December. To get 100k for this year chart is hard. 3 weeks to go and at least must sold 10k per week.
  13. Spazz

    I dunno where to post this, but KARA + EXILE = epic!! http://www.tokyohive.com/2010/11/kara-performs-and-talks-with-exile-on-tbss-tamashii/ Another Kara interaction with Japanese celeb ..
  14. THIS .. gonna be one epic j-pop album What I love about KARA is that, when they release a Japanese stuff, it does sounds like Japanese. I love this ..
  15. Album

    ^ Wow, that's the first wall of text I've seen from you And I kinda agree with you ..