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  1. Merry Xmas!

    Merry Love!

    Winter Magic~~~

  2. Thank you for ur wishes!

  3. Thank you for ur wishes!

  4. Amazon sells for 90USD but does not ship to Singapore and the Singapore distributor sells it for S$200 =\ Any kind Kamilia willing to ship for me? XD
  5. Yea they only did "Butterfly" for Naruto but they do sing for a lot of Korean Drama Like OST for "Stars Falling from the Sky" and even for a Korean online game "We Online"
  6. Nicole! Even in the picture for the new jap single that is releasing in june/july, nicole is erm..."attached" to food!
  7. lets all look forward to their comeback! To all of us here who have been with them for this crucial period, 「
  8. KARA IS BACK!!!


    Sorry I cant really scream out of my window so lend me your wall =P


  10. Today BoxeR lost 2-0 at GSL...its disappointing but I'm still rooting form him! =) (though I'm a protoss player!)

  11. That sure is our Jiyoung! I felt a little guilty after laughing so hard at the show. Hope they had as much fun as I watching! lol =P
  12. Ji young ah... Hope your doing fine. Cant wait for Kara to come back!
  13. lol i found #1.

    Apparently I found it long ago just that I was using IE8 so the egg did not appear when my mouse was over the icon. I was surfing around with Firefox and found it. Well at least I found 1 so I have to stop. Exams period haha!

  14. you might want to search again...but this time different time of the day.......


  15. give me some hint? lol!

    I don't know where to look even though i understand the clue.

    I cant believe I can easily find 1 for tvxq 1 for miss a 1 for 2ne1 and i cant even find 1 for kara. ZZZZZZZzzzz

  16. congrats on your first egg lol!

  17. For the Easter Egg Hunt, I am able to solve 1 for Miss A and 1 for TVXQ for my frens. WHY CANT I FIND EVEN 1 FOR KARA?

  18. Have you found any eggs yet? lol

    I was taking a break and still cant find any. NOT EVEN #6 which is my bias...

  19. wow fellow jiyoung fan ^^

  20. Wil everynight so late black eye rings?

  21. Sigh~

    Had always wanted to attend

    For WoW, for SC2 and for Diablo 3!

  22. Just wondering if you ever attended Blizzcon ^^

  23. LOL! Won Lady GaGa hands down (without any promotion) KARA5EVER! Imagine with promotion...results would be a sensation!
  24. The bond between all of us just got stronger! Kara5ever! Kamilia fighting! Cant wait for the comeback!!!