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  1. I want to buy the flashy blue pants they wore for mister performance! The red one also can.

    Anyway I would like to see them release thumbdrive like the one I have on my computer:


    I wouldn't go so far as to get a shirt but I would definitely buy posters, photobooks and coffee mugs. Not too sure about notebooks. I might consider getting them if it was for personal use. Kara calendar would be good :D I should really get myself some Kara cd's before thinking about buying anything else :P

    "I should really get myself some Kara cd's before thinking about buying anything else"

    Sounds good to me...LOL

  2. This is so sad, right now it seems like the 3 KARA girls and their parents were offered by "J" a better contract. They decided to sue DSP so they can shorten their contracts and move to another company. It's all about money.


    The root of all evil?


    Anyway seems like they are back together as 5 again so we should all be happy about this at least?

    Cheer up guys!

  3. I am so happy that they are negotiating now and Kara will be still together...for now.

    I never believed that 2012 was the end of the world.

    But now that they want to shorten their contract to 2012...

    Kara might be no more then

    I am beginning to belief that it might be the end of the world, or at least for me it is end of the world...



  4. who cares if that guy, "j" is a close friend with Nicole's mother....they are trying to blame it on another person...when its really the key point in this prob is that DSP have to take responsibility...THEY ARE VIOLATING HUMAN'S RIGHT....


    Chill man not so serious until the point of this "THEY ARE VIOLATING HUMAN'S RIGHT"


  5. May I suggest something to all the fans out there, be you Kamilias or not. With all these continuous articles being published on what seems like an hourly basis, claiming to be "updates", it just creates a lot more problems and negativity towards the whole situation, towards the fandoms, and towards the individuals involved. It has now gotten to a point where fingers are being pointed and individuals are being singled out. From what I'm seeing, it started off as a DBSK issue and now has escalated to a 2PM issue, if you know what I mean. And now more people, industry people, are getting involved in to something that they shouldn't be involved in, it's making it harder and harder for the girls to truly deal with this whole issue. But that aside, I would like to suggest that we take these articles with a grain of salt, as you can all tell each time we read it it's always the same repeated arguments and "updates". It just creates more frustration for all of us. So please, I plead to you to think before speaking, the whole situation is still vague and none of us really, truly know what is going on. I know it's frustrating to not speak the strong opinions that we all have on the issue but please for the sake of the girls I rather us be silent and wait for the whole fiasco to play itself out until they reach a definitely conclusion before we create something far beyond our control.

    Remember what Nicole had said once before; words can hurt much more than what they seem.

    Does this make sense at all?


    But, I'm sure most of us are just expressing our views and mostly are just worried messages or encouraging messages.


  6. I don't think his motive is keeping any delicate information secret (though it is a possibility). I think he and the music industry are upset at how many idols have been starting legal cases with their companies (JYJ, SuJu Hangeng, Kara), and he wants to make sure it doesn't happen anymore. The KEPA (Korean Entertainment Producers

  7. I was not into korean music at all last time. But one fine day...

    My friend was watching Family Outing Season 1, the episode when Nicole(Kara =3) and Tiffany(SNSD) were guests. I happened to be at his house then, and that was when I saw Jiyoung, and that was when I knew, I am into the korean music wave and Kara!