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  1. The Gwangju Sibling XDDDDD Oh my Gwangju Sibling feels.... I'm waiting for moaarree Gwangju Sibling moment this year.. Gwangju Sibling FTW XDDDD Thanks for sharing...
  2. She IS the owner of the building. But i'm not sure if she's the owner of the brand...
  3. Do u mean her Nail Shop & Cafe?? The name is Trend N..
  4. Oh my, i'm dying... Someone call the doctor pleasee.. I never can get enough of her... Huhuhuhu Rara why soo pretty baby... Whyyyyy?? Thanks for sharing guys..
  5. Rara, just when we worried about u & missed u and wondering where the hell u've been, here u go.. Kindly wrote us a letter full of thoughtful words that make us calm again.. That's my girl.. Thank's for sharing guys..
  6. Oh my Rara~ Oh my Rara~ Lemme die in peace naw... >////< Thanks for sharing guys..
  7. Thank you... U can feel her interesting and funny charm with the way she answered all the questions... The most i love must to be with Seulong.. They sound so close and playful..
  8. Petorialist ep 2 w/engsub it's full episode not Hara cut...
  9. Ohhh i've been waiting for hara cut w/engsub.. Thank u soo much for sharing...
  10. Aaahhh my Gwangju sibling heart is sooo full... 1st the flower bouquet and now this... aahhh such a happy new year for me XDD
  11. She looks tired in the photo above.. I hope she have some rest... anyway i can't wait for daejun series... I hope Kara will have special stage or collab with other artists..
  12. Idk if this have been post here before.. I just want to share with u guys... It's too much for my heart i end up crying TT____________TT The long road our Rara has been through... Respect...
  13. what did he say..?? ohhh seriously he talked bad about Rara and i'll voodoo him right away Nevermind.. i'll voodoo him now... because how dare he to say something so mean like this??? Cre: Allkpop I feeling realy angry right now...
  14. Your highness, lemme get on my knees and bow my head only for you.. Gaaahhh , dat eyes, dat lips, dat smile, man~ hands down she's beautiful no dout bout it...
  15. Ooohhh i love blonde Rara... :blush: I always love her style, her infamous baggy style, but lately her style was more like hip-hop and boyish and i love it to the core But Rara always look pretty no matter style she pulls.. This girl's seriously beyond gorgeous...