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  1. hello... happy bday!!! xD

  2. so that's the advantage and disadvantage of fame.. Jiyoung fighting!!
  3. aww...sooooo cute no words to describe anymore..baby Jing cuteness
  4. She is just too cute!!! I don't think I've seen anyone eat like her and look so cute doing it hehe :3
  5. cute little granny yes... hmmm well the cutest ive ever seen so far keke i wonder if she plays any instruments,
  6. mm i think hara will be awesome! that or she'll drive it like a bulldozer and then kim taewoo would have to run and hop into the driver's seat to save the tractor from falling over a ditch, only to fail even with his strenght. Hara at the last moment, will use her ponytail to steer the tractor to safety
  7. Starting i thought "Isnt that the same person?" Wow Ji Young's sister look totally like Ji Young. What if she join Kara too ? XD
  8. so happy to see her looking carefree~ being an idol is hard work isnt in Jingly? keke
  9. i wanna if those are actually for her eyesight or just for looks lol, she looks kinda awkward with them i guess they are for her eyes keke
  10. lol so many, i guess its her way of showing that shes being a rebel haha its like "im so mature now, so stop calling me kid1" keke
  11. Actually i think Hammy is less cute, shes got that kind of maturity about her, jingly is all for the youth!
  12. pfff, animal? how can you compare Jingly to an animal? shes way cuter than any animal that youve seen keke ofcourse maybe she know tha already and jus tshowing the difference in cuteness XD
  13. Shes selca right? hmm, someone get her a better phone!! lol probly just resized for blog uses i guess keke cyworld? lol
  14. aww.. she does slouch to fit into the group pics so it doesn't look so weird lol.. unnies are probably bullying he rto do that, if you do that i kill you!! joking keke it's in her genes she can't help it lol.. besides it's good to be tall