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  1. omo, sigma must be so strict on 8tracts too hahaha okay thank you, I'm still listening the playlist you made on
  2. thank you Jappy to make this :'((( it would be great if you put the playlist on 8tracks too :')
  3. YAY! I wish something cool, fresh and super danceable like STEP era kekeke it's such fantastic thing ever I heard hahaha
  4. Muhahaha yeah it would be awesome lol Yup, DSP doesn't give us enough time to save our money hhahaha i know that feel~~ but..... I'm really curious about the dolls XD
  5. Huwaaaa i'm so excited!!! I hope they will win and slay music chart <3

  7. preparing big gath indonesian kamilia... yokatta!!

  8. hello hello... kalo mau nanya langsung pake bahasa indo enaknya di kaskus aja :D

  9. hello~ indonesian kamilia? ;D

  10. udah ketemu kan thread yg kemaren gue kasih? :P

  11. aku mikirnya udah pren. ama om budi aja aku blm,tuh baru add. hahahaa ayoo tante semangat kejar postingan biar bisa masuk sweetmel ;p


  13. WOOT~ ahinji punya akun KH toh. udah masuk ke GFXholic Cartoonist belum? XDDD ayo dong ramaikan komik KH :P

  14. ternyata blm temenan ama tante TT hahahaaa

  15. INDONESIAN KAMILIA GATHERING will come out!! XD yipppiiiieee

  16. idk. when nicole said in SH... never have a boyfriend @@ ..but my friends say,nicole and key is real couple. it's make me confused --"

  17. yup. keycole is happy couple althougt they aren't real couple T.T I wish, keycole is real!

    I loved when gyuri with eunhyuk XDD

    and jiyoung with daesung <3 hahahhaa

  18. ummm... no i don't :P but, I really like when Hammie with Onew and Hara with Minho... uppss :P ROFL =))

  19. annyeong danica ^^.... hwaa do you like GyulJing ? >,<

  20. annyeong... ShinRa shipper? :D haahahaha

  21. my friends know KARA.because of me. lol I always listen KARA's song.. and show the MV for my friends.. and then, they can like KARA. :DD
  22. i hope, KARA5 can performing with KARA4's song.. if you wanna, break it.. and I want KARA can perform with ROCK U, Mister, STEP, Wanna, Umbrella, I am ,Same Heart, Burn, Lupin, date (my boy),special stage and Dear Kamilia ^^