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  1. I would match up Hara and Kim Hyun Joong! Just because they're both adorkable
  2. I voted for Hara. I've seen her crazy/funny side on IY and I'd love to see her sweetest side on wgm
  3. Hardworking Hara! So proud of her. I really wish her all the best and hope to see her acting one day =)
  4. Thanks a lot for the pictures! Did she dye her hair or is it just the light?
  5. To vote, what you do is - above HARA's name [구하라] there should be a pink button that reads [투표하기]. Click that to put in your vote. Same with Kara -> KARA's name [카라] and then click on [투표하기]. Now at the top of the voting section/page, there should be a set of links (one should be gray now and one blue and the rest should be white). The blue link shows what category you're in. The gray link means that your vote already went into the category. All the white links are different categories. The important part is that you HAVE to vote in all 10 of the categories - you can choose random ones or whatever (since we're just supporting HARA and KARA). Just vote for someone and move onto the next category. Now when you've voted in every category, all the links should be GRAY. When you're done, click the big pink & black circle to the right of the page. Depending on your computer, if you get a pop-up that looks like they want you to fill out a form - IGNORE IT. Exit out of the pop-up/out and REFRESH THE VOTING PAGE. All the links that were GRAY should now be WHITE. If you don't get the pop-up, then you're good. Just refresh the page and make all the links white. Then repeat all the steps above to vote again. It's pretty long, but it's the only way they can get votes. - To vote for HARA and KARA as "Most Searched" is easier, though. At the top of the voting page, click the gray bar that has the word "Daum" in it, followed by Korean words and an arrow ">". On the left, there should be a box. Type in ''구하라'' or "카라" and click the button next to the search bar. Just click OK to the pop-up and repeat every 1 minute. Voting ends August 24th, Korea Time. cr. heaven-sent from soompi.
  6. I already posted this in the discussionbox but guess it's not working at all. Karaholic should make an announcement or PM everyone so it can work out
  7. Sadly I don't know any Please keep on voting guys! The 20's choice awards will be held on the 26th in Seoul
  8. To those who can't vote: are you guys using internet explorer?
  9. We're now available to vote for Hara and Kara for the 2010 M-Net 20's Choice awards Hara is up for the Muti-Entertainer (Female) award Kara is up for the Female Artist award ***Tutorial on how to vote*** 01. Go to: http://search.daum.net/search?nil_suggest=btn&nil_ch=&rtupcoll=&w=tot&m=&f=&lpp=&nil_profile=event&q=20%27s+Choice+%BF%A9%C0%DA+%B8%D6%C6%BC%C5%D7%C0%CC%B3%CA 02. You'll see this: Now select the highlighted area on the picture 03. You'll get a popup like this: (It says that your vote was successful) ***If you get a popup like this insted you need to wait for 10 minutes until voting again 04. Now select the 가수 (여) section to vote for Kara: And repeat the same process again -> Done! ------------------- Keep on voting for Hara and Kara. You can vote once every 10 minutes per category.
  10. Thanks for translating and sharing Wow! I though Sori was the one with less air-time but I can really see now Hyomin never fails when it comes to being edited out xDD It's strange how good Narsha does on IY and how much PDs edit her out on heroes. And Hara =) she's the queen of variety shows she always gets a lot of air time even without trying
  11. Gotta say it's been so long since I last enjoyed an episode of IY so much. The trip to Japan on ep37 was so funny!! And seeing Sunny back while Hyomin was joking about being a folding screen again just felt great. Plus Hara got a lot of air time... while being sleeping on the plane, then when she met the actor, when she went with shinyoung to see the girls barefaced and those moments that showed her being so popular in Japan. When the episode came to an end I was like whattt? it just started! xD
  12. Thanks a lot, Starlight. I did watch that episode but couldn't remember the contest was called like that. Thanks for refreshing my memory and for the hard work including caps and detailed explanations.
  13. This is old but it's something I have no idea about. Can anyone help me? When they showed Hara's brain map there was a spot that read ''Miss fermented soybean contest'' Can anyone please tell me why?
  14. I picked brown. It suits her and makes her look even younger
  15. Thanks a lot for sharing! I so want to watch... but still waiting for the subs to come out so i can enjoy Hara fully =) (ahh I'm having a hard time with this xD)