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  1. whoaaa, holy

    u made so many posts!!!


  2. hello co-pinoy kamilia!can u please help me promote gyuri's page in facebook???here's the link!http://www.facebook.com/pages/PARK-Gyuri-kara/134076793300222?ref=sgm..thanks in advance!!

  3. hellow, mmh just saw your sig with COLE and CHUL, omg, really cool, she's my fave, he's my fave and i wanted to see them together, so i'm happy to see there is someone else from me that thought of them as a couple XD

  4. woah. shock from beast? so hardcore. i love the group. they performed here on our country.
  5. please support the KARASUJU tandem. as u can see. there is the chemistry. just messing around. mwahhh.
  6. ooh. i have seen that song of f(x). . i think it will make a good song for kara too. just my opinion.
  7. even though i love cole. i love gyuri's pic on that. very natural.
  8. after 4 weeks: eunhyuk has the most votes! followed by kyuhyun. oh yeah.
  9. jiyoung you should take your rest. the mv? i'll just. . . watch it a thousant times.
  10. that will give seungyeon goosebumps. hey hammie try my wink. LOL!
  11. sorry to say karaholics. date anyone but not cole. we already reserved a table at a restaurant. LOL! cole i love you .
  12. wow. she like spongebob too? o men. i love you cole! impersonating the square cheese-like dude is so awesome. i've done that. it's fun.
  13. ahhh. gyuri and shindong. other than eunhyuk. they look great too. mblaq? cool factor overload.
  14. gyuri is so beautiful anywhere. anytime. best leader on the kpop industry.
  15. seohyun is so dashing. and jing. no one can be compared to her. best!