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  1. must watch episode! wish it will be uploaded here in karaholic so we can watch it!! KARA is back!
  2. ive got a friend from japan. he said that he will gonna buy that album for 2. and the other one will give to me. im so excited!
  3. haha. 2 additional jiyoungs' i think they look as cute as jiyoung. haha!
  4. hmmm. hard to guess but i think it's nicole.
  5. cant wait for the full MV! theyre so cuute!! ima sugu ni mister dakishimete mister sono ude de mister tsukamaete mister!! haha!
  6. it's just an advertisement. they dont need to wear bras on stage while performing.
  7. i think im a pure kamilia. although i listen different kpop songs, i just love this group much. PURE and 100% Kamilian.
  8. yeah i dont seem wrong promoting these bras. that's natural. theyre idols. projects will come in a second. and lastly, theyre GIRLS! it doesnt seems awkward to promote that thing. hoho.
  9. 1. Goodhealth 2. Better Promotions 3. New Songs 4. Perform live here in the PH!
  10. i remeber that idol show when she drew herself taller than daesung. haha. the youngest and the cutest. yet, the tallest. waha!