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    On top of a tree....shooting the sunset.
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  1. ji young was cute in the performance as always but with a little more FIERCE in her performance.
  2. OOOO! the remix was awesome. thank you for the upload. the neon colors
  3. i love their english. XD so cute yet so funny. thank you for uploading these. Hara~goo <3
  4. i knowwww. T-T i had some today and i was like, "ah, how can something so unhealthy be so delicious?" and then my dad bought me ice cream so i ate that, too. @_@

  5. ahhh icic. same here lol. kara comes second after snsd for me^^

  6. YUp. that one is like my forum home =)

  7. ramyun is REALLY bad for you... but it TASTES SO GUUUUUDDDD!!! =( i can't stop myself from eating it... T-T

  8. seriously?

    ramen doesn't make you fat? @_@ but it's still unhealthy, right? lol. this goes against everything i've known! D:

    okay then. pork belly it is!

  9. heyy sorry for the late reply.

    lol yea i love snsd! sunnys my fav :) do you go on soshified?

  10. i'll be sure to take MANY MANY MANY PICS. how about pork belly? ramyun doesn't make you gain much weight. =/ XD

  11. oh noes! hahah it's okay. Get lots of pictures of Tae and Tiff, then. :D My faveees. (: and then feed Jessica ramen. she's sooo skinny. ;_;

  12. no!!! yoona is mine!!! ^^

  13. HAHAHA. ^^;; i wish i could. well, good luck on ur ap tests. =) get a bunch of 5's. YUPPPPP!!!! XD but i might end of staring at snsd that i forget to take pictures. >3< idk.. =/ the person who is running HB said that there would be no autograph session... TT-TT

  14. random visit to the person who visted randomly on soshified. WonSoKa JJJJJJANG!!